The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement: What importers need to know
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Find customs notices and departmental memoranda (d-memos) related to the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

The references on this page will be updated regularly.

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Customs notices related to the agreement

Customs notices provide information on upcoming changes to customs programs and procedures.

Any information contained in a customs notice that is intended as ongoing reference material is integrated into a departmental memorandum.

Customs Notice 20-13, Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA): Amendment to the Definition of “Specially Defined Mixtures” in the Customs Tariff, Chapter 16, Supplementary Note 1: Information on the amendment to the definition of “specially defined mixtures” that was agreed upon under CUSMA. This amendment specifies the cooking and weight requirements for products containing chicken or turkey to be classified as a specially defined mixture.
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Customs Notice 20-14, Implementation of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA): Information on the changes to the Customs Tariff that occured as a result of the implementation of the CUSMA and summarizes the requirements in order to benefit from the CUSMA's preferential rates of duty.
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Customs Notice 20-15, Increase to the Low Value Shipment (LVS) Threshold and Simplification to the Proof of Origin Requirements for Goods Imported into Canada: Information on regulatory changes for the new low value shipment (LVS) thresholds on commercial importations that were implemented at the time of entry into force of the CUSMA. The notice also includes information on regulatory changes for the repeal of the requirement for a written statement of origin for eligible goods claiming preferential treatment under all of Canada's free trade agreements currently in force, effective .
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Customs Notice 20-18, Implementation of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) De Minimis Threshold for Duties and Taxes: Provides information related to the implementation of the CUSMA de minimis threshold with respect to the application of duties and taxes on goods imported into Canada.
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Customs Notice 20-22, CUSMA’s Regulatory Amendments and New Regulations Made Pursuant to the Customs Act: The purpose of this notice is to announce the regulatory amendments and new regulations, effective as of July 1, 2020, that are implemented by the CBSA in support of the implementation of the CUSMA.
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Departmental memoranda related to the agreement

This list of departmental memoranda (d-memos) indicates the CBSA policies that will change to reflect legislative, regulatory and policy updates.

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