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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) facilitates the flow of legitimate travellers and trade. The Agency also enforces more than 90 acts and regulations that keep our country and Canadians safe.

Notice: Coronavirus

Help protect Canadians from the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Travellers returning to Canada from Hubei province, China, may have come in contact with the 2019 Novel Coronavirus. Inform a CBSA officer whether you have travelled to this area or if you have a fever, a cough or difficulty breathing. If you develop these symptoms within 14 days of your arrival in Canada, contact your health care provider. They need to know about your recent return from China.

For the latest and most up-to-date information, visit Canadians travelling abroad are encouraged to consult the Travel Health Notice for China. Canadians can also contact the new coronavirus information line at 1-833-784-4397.

Beware: Scammers posing as CBSA employees

If you have received a call from 1-800-461-9999 or any other 1-800 number, it isn't the CBSA calling. CBSA employees do not contact the public by phone. This is a scam. Never give your social insurance number over the phone.

Learn more about how scammers pose as CBSA employees.

To report scams, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.


CBSA seizes suspected cocaine found in a commercial aircraft

2020-01-27 - News release

The CBSA announced today the seizure of over 20 kilograms of suspected cocaine at the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

CBSA and Mohawk Council of Akwesasne launch collaboration to improve border crossing experience at Cornwall port of entry

2020-01-08 - News release

The CBSA and Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) are pleased to announce the launch of a co-developed strategy to improve the border crossing experience at the Cornwall port of entry.

Services and information


Plan your trip across the border

Useful tools to help your crossing go smoothly.


Apply for or renew your membership. Discover the NEXUS program.

Travel documents

Make sure you have the proper identification to confirm you are allowed to enter Canada.

Bring personal goods across the border

Going through customs and coming home to Canada.

Duty and taxes

What are duty and taxes. Personal exemption limits. Get an estimate for imported personal goods.

Visit Canada

Information and resources for planning your visit.

Food, plant and animal products

Before you travel, verify the requirements for what you can bring into Canada.

Pets and service animals

Importing or travelling with your pet or service animal.

Travelling with a DUI or other criminal convictions

Find out if you are eligible to enter Canada.

Save time at the border

Programs and services to speed up your trip across the border.

Information for non-Canadians

Information and services for non-residents visiting, settling in or doing business with Canada.

Primary inspection kiosks

Verify your identity and make an on screen declaration when arriving at one of Canada's busiest international airports.

More services and information for travellers


Commercial reporting

Commercial reporting requirements for unreleased goods.

Customs tariff

Review applicable tariffs for specific goods.

Importing commercial goods

Information and resources to help you import commercial goods.

Exporting commercial goods

Information and resources to help you export commercial goods.

Electronic Data Interchange and portal applications

Save time and money with our electronic tools for businesses.

Find a commercial service provider

Commercial carriers, freight forwarders, licensed customs brokers, sufferance warehouses, duty-free shops and passenger transportation.

Trade facilitation

Information, services and programs for trade facilitation and compliance.

Small and medium enterprises toolkit

Importing, exporting, resources, contact information

More services and information for business


Import or export goods for personal use

Vehicles, boats, weapons and firearms. Importing by mail or courrier.

Wanted by the CBSA

Help the CBSA locate individuals subject to an active Canada-wide arrest warrant.

Securing the border

Programs and services that ensure trade security and manage access to Canada.

Publications and forms

Corporate documents, customs notices, D Memoranda, forms, guides and brochures.

Corporate information


The Honourable Bill Blair

Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Mandate letter


John Ossowski

President of the Canada Border Services Agency


Paul MacKinnon

Executive Vice-President of the Canada Border Services Agency


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