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Canada Border Services Agency

COVID-19: Latest update

Immediate restrictions for travellers arriving from Southern Africa region

Canadians citizens, those registered under the Indian Act, and permanent residents, who have been in the Southern Africa region within the previous 14 days, including South Africa, Eswatini, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Namibia must follow new pre-entry testing before continuing their journey to Canada, and post-arrival requirements.

Foreign nationals who have been in these countries within the period of 14 days will not be permitted entry into Canada. News release


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) facilitates the flow of legitimate travellers and trade. The agency also enforces more than 90 acts and regulations that keep our country and Canadians safe.


CARM Client Portal: Use the online services. Modernize the importing process.

Available to importers, customs brokers and trade consultants. Expanding soon to all trade chain partners.

All travellers: Reduce wait times and limit contact at the border

Use the ArriveCAN app (available on iOS, Android and online) to submit mandatory information.

Services and information: Travel

COVID-19 Travel: Checklists for requirements and exemptions

Find out if you may be exempt from certain requirements when entering Canada during the pandemic.

Border information for international travel

Reporting and customs requirements. Processes, programs and tools for visitors and residents.

Travel documents

Bring the right identification and citizenship documents to the border for yourself and your family.

Plan your trip across the border

CBSA offices, travel tips for boaters and non-commercial air pilots.

Services and information: Trade

Importing goods

Guidance, reporting requirements, advance rulings, valuation and more.

Exporting commercial goods

National policies, processes, procedures, regulations and legislation.

Customs Tariff 2021

The latest tariff classification numbers for declaring imported and exported goods.

Anti-dumping and countervailing

Measures for Canadian producers facing unfair foreign competition in the Canadian marketplace.

Importing by mail

Why and how we screen mail and parcels. Declaring goods, duties and taxes.

Monetary penalties

This system helps to ensure compliance with customs laws.

Services and information: Securing the border

Arrests, detentions and removals

How we deal with individuals who are not allowed to be in Canada.

Wanted by the CBSA

Help us find individuals who are unauthorized to enter or remain in Canada.

Detection tools

Technology and detector dogs help us detect and prevent contraband from entering Canada.

Our fight against human trafficking

The CBSA identifies instances of cross-border trafficking and helps potential victims.

Other border services and information

Importing goods for personal use

Prohibited and restricted weapons, cannabis, animals and food, vehicles, boats, duties and more.

Operating a duty-free shop

Licensing and regulatory requirements for shop operators.

What we are doing

Corporate information


The Honourable Marco E. L. Mendicino

Minister of Public Safety


John Ossowski

President of the Canada Border Services Agency


Ted Gallivan

Executive Vice-President of the Canada Border Services Agency


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