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Importing goods into Canada

Make importing easier by taking advantage of the programs and services offered by Canada Border Services Agency.

Services and information

Importing goods for personal use

Prohibited and restricted weapons, cannabis, animals and food, vehicles, boats, duties and more.

Step-by-step guide to importing

Preparing to import, classifying your goods, determining duties and taxes, shipping, examining, reporting, getting your goods released

The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement: What importers need to know

Customs changes, certifying origins and other key changes affecting imports

Commercial importing reporting requirements

Regulatory requirements, D-Memoranda, customs notices, forms, resources

Other government department reference list

Commodities, areas of responsibility, websites, phone numbers

Commercial payments and accounts

Daily notice, statement of account, payments, disbursements, off-setting, support offices, third-party service providers

Canadian Customs Tariff

Harmonized System codes, duty rates, current and past customs tariff files


Legislation, methods, interpretations

Origin of goods

Legislation, interpretations, requirements, proof of origin, record keeping

Marine container examination

Process map, responsibilities, frequently asked questions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and portal clients

Become a client, resources, outages, contacts, stay informed

High-volume e-commerce shipments

Plan ahead, transmit data and meet CBSA importing requirements

Submitting import documents using the Electronic Longroom

An email and digital stamping service offered at some CBSA offices


CARM Client portal: Use the online services. Modernize the importing process.

Available to importers, customs brokers and trade consultants. Expanding soon to all trade chain partners.

Canada Digital Adoption Program

Take advantage of new digital technologies to give your business an edge. Find out what grants are available.

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