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Departmental memoranda

Departmental memoranda, also called D-memos, outline the legislation, regulations, policies and procedures that the agency uses to administer its customs and travel operations. They also provide CBSA partners and the public with guidelines and general information on its activities that support the free flow of legitimate trade and travel.

The CBSA reviews and updates D-memos periodically to reflect changes to policy, procedures and legislation.

CARM-related D-memos pending October 2024 release

This is a list of D-memos that the CBSA is making available to its stakeholders in advance of the October 2024 release of the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management D-memos (CARM). We will be adding to this list as more pending D-memos become available. These D-memos are not yet in effect, therefore, they are provided in PDF format only with a watermark added. We have taken basic steps to make these PDFs somewhat accessible but recognize that they may not meet all user needs.

D1: General
D3: Transportation
D11: General Tariff Information
D14: Special Import Measures Act
D16: Surtax
D17: Accounting and Release Procedures
D19: Acts and Regulations of Other Government Departments
D20: Exportations
D22: Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS)
D23: Trusted Traders

Active D-memos

This is a list of all D-memo series, organized according to operational or program groups within the agency.

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