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Anti-dumping and countervailing

The CBSA supports Canadian producers who face unfair foreign competition in the domestic marketplace. The CBSA is responsible for the administration of the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), which helps protect Canadian industry from injury caused by the dumping and subsidizing of imported goods.

Proceedings and investigations

Measures in force

List of goods subject to anti-dumping or countervailing measures pursuant to the SIMA.


List of all dumping and subsidy investigations conducted pursuant to the SIMA.


Find updated normal values, or subsidy amounts, and established values for new exporters and models on subject goods.

Normal value reviews

Search for normal values, export prices or amounts of subsidy of a single exporter subject to review.

Expiry reviews

Find whether an order or finding by the CITT is rescinded or continued for another five years.

President-level re-determinations

List of appeals regarding the subjectivity of goods or the application of anti-dumping and countervailing duty assessments.

Expedited reviews

Review normal values, export prices, or subsidy amounts for shippers not previously asked to submit info in a proceeding.

Scope proceedings

Learn about whether goods fall within the product description of a measure in force under the SIMA.

Anti-circumvention investigations

Search determinations of whether circumvention of existing anti-dumping or countervailing measures is occurring.

Participating in proceedings and investigations

Filing a complaint

Steps to prepare a dumping and/or subsidizing complaint concerning imported goods causing injury to Canadian industry.

Filing a circumvention complaint

Steps to prepare and submit a complaint to the CBSA to initiate an anti-circumvention investigation.

Applying for a scope ruling

Preparing and filing an application for a scope proceeding to determine if goods are subject to a CITT order or finding.

Information for expedited reviews

Eligibility requirements, how to request an expedited review, and the review process.

Submitting information to the CBSA in a SIMA proceeding

Guide on structure and methodology for submissions, including templates and references.

Requesting a re-determination under SIMA

Memorandum D14-1-3 requirements for requests to re-determine SIMA duties and apply for refunds.

Program information

Canada's anti-dumping and countervailing investigative processes

Introduction to dumping, subsidies, injury, the complaint process, investigative proceedings, and duties.

Assistance for small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Support for Canadian manufacturers or producers relating to the use of the CBSA’s trade remedy program.

Guide for self-assessing SIMA duties

Assistance for importers and brokers importing goods subject to duties under SIMA.

Disclosure of confidential information

Outlines CBSA policy and procedures respecting the submission and disclosure of information in proceedings.

Information about penalties (AMPS)

Administrative monetary penalty system contraventions specific to the SIMA.


Samples and official documents with respect to proceedings under the SIMA.

Guiding policy, regulations, and legislation

Statement of administrative practices

Explanation of investigative activities conducted by the CBSA to help protect Canadian industry from material injury.

SIMA handbook

Guidance for CBSA employees administering the anti-dumping and countervailing program.

Legislation, regulations and D-Memoranda

Legislative framework as well as supporting documents relating to the SIMA.

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