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Federal Court certifies Government of Canada privacy breach class action

If you received a Notice of Certification or have reason to believe that you were affected by a privacy breach with respect to your personal or financial information accessed through Government of Canada online accounts between and , you may be eligible to participate in a class action lawsuit: Government of Canada privacy breach class action.

The Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS) Portal is a secure reporting method that exporters or their service providers use to transmit export information to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Security: The CBSA now uses a multi-factor authentication process to access our online services as an extra layer of security to protect your account.

Important: If you are using a shared computer, make sure to sign out and completely close your Internet browser before leaving the computer unattended.

To access your CERS portal account, you need to sign in using one of the 2 following methods:

1. Sign in with a Sign-in Partner

This option allows you to sign in with a user ID and password that you may already have, such as for online banking.

Note: When choosing this option, you will be temporarily leaving the CBSA website.

Partner Sign in

2. Sign in with GCKey

This option allows you to sign in using a Government of Canada user ID and password.

GCKey Sign in

If you experience issues with the CERS portal, please ensure you are using a supported browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox. Specific technical requirements for accessing the CERS portal can be found in Section 8.0 of the technical requirements document.

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