Border measures to protect Canadians against the novel coronavirus

Measures taken at the border by the CBSA and its partners to protect Canadians against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.


Denis Vinette, Vice-President, Travellers Branch on-camera.

Denis: The Canada Border Services Agency has been working closely with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Airport Authorities to ensure that we are doing everything that we can to limit the spread of the Corona-virus at Canada’s major international airports.

Video of plane landing.

Video of traveller walking through airport.

Signage has been placed in CBSA arrival areas to raise traveller awareness and guide them.

Photos of the signage at the airport.

Additional screening has been added to help prevent the possible spread of this infectious disease into Canada. All international travellers arriving at these airports are being asked an additional screening question.

Travellers experiencing flu-like symptoms are referred to Public Health Agency of Canada staff for further health screening. A specialized cleaning solution is also being used to sanitize countertops and other frequently touched surfaces in the CBSA and arrivals areas multiple times throughout the day. Our Airport Authority partners are also ensuring that communal areas and kiosks are being sanitized on a regular basis.

Video of a kiosk at an airport being sanitized.

The CBSA continues to make hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment, including gloves, masks and eye protection, available to our officers as required.

Video of a Border Services Officer, who is wearing gloves, interacting with a traveller.

Other enhanced border measures may be implemented if required and deemed appropriate given the level of risk identified by Public Health Agency of Canada. The CBSA is taking the appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees and travellers arriving in Canada.

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