Commercial Carrier and Freight Forwarder Identification and Eligibility
Other Carrier Operations

Customs Post Audit System

Under this system, qualifying companies may transport goods in bond with limited physical control.

As of August 1, 2014, the CBSA is sun-setting the post-audit carrier program and transferring the benefits to the CSA carrier program.

For more information see Customs Notice CN11-008, Sun-setting of Post Audit Carrier Program

For more information on the CSA Carrier Application process, see Memorandum D3-1-7, Customs Self Assessment Program for Carriers

Customs Post Audit System – Application forms:

In-transit movements

Memorandum D3-4-2, Highway Pre-arrival and Reporting Requirements,outlines the two-step customs process for reporting and controlling goods in transit through either Canada or the United States.  

Vessels in international service

Memorandum D3-5-1, Commercial Vessels in International Service, provides CBSA requirements and procedures for reporting and clearing vessels in international service.

Temporary importation of vessels

Memorandum D3-5-7, Temporary Importation of Vessels, outlines the laws, policies, and procedures governing the temporary importation of vessels into Canada for use in the Canadian coasting trade.

Form C47, Application for Vessel Temporary Admission to the Coasting Trade of Canada (includes guidelines for completing the form).


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