Guides and Brochures

Number Title Updated
ISBN 978-0-660-45088-9 Information for international students 2023-02-23
BSF5197 Taking cannabis (marijuana) or products containing cannabis across the border remains illegal 2018-10-17
BSF5188 Declare all food, plant and animal products 2017-08-18
BSF5012 Information for People Detained Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2015-09-04
BSF5071 ARCHIVED - When the Canada Border Services Agency Gives You a Warning 2010-11-23
BSF5077 Returning to Canada? 2009-01-15
BSF5124 Our Service Commitment 2013-09-20
BSF5146 What to Expect: Secondary Services and Inspections 2012-01-19
BSF5156 What you need to know about Customs Controlled Areas 2016-04-27
BSF5134 Canada Border Services Agency: International Capacity Building Program 2011-03-23
BSF5079 ARCHIVED - Importing Commercial Goods Into Canada 2013-08-14
BSF5083 ARCHIVED - What to Expect From a NAFTA Verification 2009-04-09
BSF5113 ARCHIVED - Immigrating or Returning to Live in Canada 2012-06-01
BSF5177 CBSA Today: Commercial news for stakeholders 2017-01-06
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