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ARCHIVED - Importing Commercial Goods Into Canada

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This publication describes the documents you need to submit to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to import commercial goods into Canada and highlights the information you need from each document to complete Form B3, Canada Customs Coding Form. You will find an example of Form B3 in Appendix III of this publication. It is used to account for goods, regardless of their value, for commercial use in Canada. The CBSA considers commercial use as "any commercial, industrial, occupational, institutional or other like use."

In this publication, we refer to a number of CBSA D memoranda that contain more information on many of the topics we discuss. You can purchase copies of these memoranda by contacting:

Government of Canada Publications Public Works and Government Services Canada
Telephone: 613-941-5995 (or 1-800-635-7943 in Canada and the United States)
Fax: 613-954-5779 (or 1-800-959-2221 in Canada and the United States)

Alternatively, you will find CBSA publications, including the D memoranda, under Publications and forms.

Part I

Accounting information

To account for commercial shipments, you must present to the CBSA a fully completed accounting package consisting of the following:

You can present the CBSA with paper copies of these documents or, if we authorize you, transmit this information to us using electronic data interchange (EDI). For more information on the latter option, contact our Electronic Commerce Unit toll-free at 1-888-957-7224.

Cargo control document

The transportation company or forwarder will send you a cargo control document to inform you that a shipment has arrived and is awaiting customs clearance. The cargo control document can be a manifest, a waybill or other approved document covering the transportation of the shipment.

For more information on the cargo control document, see Memorandum D3-1-1.


You must meet the invoice requirements outlined in Memorandum D1-4-1 by providing one of the following:

  • a commercial invoice prepared by any means (typed, handwritten or electronic) containing all the data listed in Appendix A of Memorandum D1-4-1;
  • a commercial invoice prepared by any means that indicates the buyer and seller of the goods, the price paid or payable and an adequate description of the goods, including the quantity contained in the shipment, together with a Form CI1, Canada Customs Invoice, containing the remaining required data; or
  • a fully completed Form CI1.

You can use a commercial invoice only, as described in the second option above, or any other document containing the same information provided on such invoices to support the declared value of the commercial goods entering Canada if any of the following apply:

  • the value of such goods is below the Low Value Shipment (LVS) threshold as indicated in Memorandum D17-1-2;
  • the value of Canadian goods being returned has been increased by less than the LVS threshold;
  • the goods qualify unconditionally for duty-free and tax-free entry; or
  • the goods qualify under classification number 9810.00.00.00.

Use either a recap sheet or cross-references to the invoice when Form B3 consists of multiple classification lines.

Recap sheet

You must group goods classified under the same classification number together, and, for each group, show the following information on a recap sheet:

  • duty rate, goods and services tax (GST) treatment (i.e. rate or exemption code) and excise tax rate, if applicable;
  • total price paid or payable; and
  • exchange rate and conversion value in Canadian currency.

The recap sheet must also contain the transaction number and total number of invoice pages. Prepare a separate sheet for each invoice. However, you must summarize the recap sheets so that we can verify the summary against Form B3. In most instances, the total invoiced amount and the total shown on the recap sheet(s) will agree. You have to clearly indicate an acceptable reason for any difference between the recap and invoice totals.

Invoice cross-reference

The cross-reference shows the relationship between each of the invoice lines and pages and the appropriate classification line on Form B3. It consists of the following:

  • the B3 line number;
  • the invoice page number;
  • the invoice line number; and
  • the invoice line value as it appears on the invoice before any additions or deductions.

You have to account for each invoice line. There will be as many references to a particular Form B3 line as there are lines classified in the invoice. The invoice cross-reference must also contain the transaction number and the total number of invoice pages.

More information on cross-referencing and invoice recapitulation can be found in Memorandum D17-1-1, Documentation Requirements for Commercial Shipments.

Form B3, Canada Customs Coding Form

Instructions on how to complete Form B3 are outlined in Part III of this publication.

Document presentation

To help the CBSA process and release your goods as quickly as possible, you must present the required documents in the order indicated in Appendix IV of this publication. The set designation indicates the destination of each document following our review.

Part II

General information on tariff classification


The Customs Tariff is divided into 21 sections. For the most part, commodities are arranged in these sections according to economic activity.

Within the 21 sections there are 99 chapters. The chapters are arranged according to levels of processing, with primary commodities classified in the earlier chapters and more technically complex products classified later.

Each chapter begins with a title page. Notes precede certain chapters and define the scope and limits of that chapter. After these notes, you will find the classification numbers of all the products covered by the chapter.

Structure of the classification number

Classification in the Customs Tariff is a systematic process. To use this process, it is essential that you understand the structure of the classification number. In Canada, the classification number consists of 10 digits. This 10-digit number is subdivided at various levels to provide greater detail and definition for a product.

Each level is identified as follows:

Tariff item
Classification number
0101.19 90.10

The first six digits represent the international portion of the classification number and are the numbers that will be used by all countries acceding to the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. The last four digits reflect Canadian tariff and statistical requirements.

The structure of the classification number (i.e. by heading, subheading, etc.) is used to classify your products under the Customs Tariff. Each product is first classified with a four-digit number or heading. Then, an appropriate six-digit number or subheading is chosen from within the selected heading. After a subheading is identified for the product, an eight-digit number or tariff item within the subheading must be chosen. Lastly, a full 10-digit classification number is chosen. Refer to Appendix V of this publication for an example of a page from the Customs Tariff.

Chapter 99 special classification provisions

The Customs Tariff contains special classification provisions unique to Canada that eliminate or reduce the customs duty rate for qualifying goods under specific conditions. These provisions are listed in the Customs Tariff as classification numbers in Chapter 99.

Part III

How to complete Form B3

The example of Form B3 found in Appendix III of this publication may be used as a guide to complete your form. The example used is of a "cash transaction" where the importer pays the applicable duties before the goods are released. For information on other options, such as release prior to payment and the Bonded Warehouse Program, contact your local CBSA office.

Each field number of the following coding instructions corresponds to a number in the upper left-hand corner of each field on Form B3. For more information, see Memorandum D17-1-10, Coding of Customs Accounting Documents.

Field Nos. 1 to 9 are referred to as the "Header" portion of the accounting document. The information in these fields pertains to the shipment as a whole.

Field No. 1 – Importer name and address

In the "importer name and address" section of this field, indicate the company importing the goods and its address.

In the "number" section of this field, indicate your Business Number (BN). If you have more than one business account, indicate the six-digit account identifier (e.g. RM0001).

To obtain a BN, contact your local Canada Revenue Agency office, or call the Business Window at 1-800-959-5525 for service in English or 1-800-959-7775 for service in French.

Field No. 2 – Transaction number

This is a 14-digit number assigned by the CBSA at the time goods are released. If you have either "release prior to payment" or "uncertified cheque" privileges, you must provide this number in a bar-coded format.

The transaction number must appear on the CBSA copy of Form B3 (refer to Appendix IV of this publication). Write the transaction number clearly on the remaining pages of Form B3 and on the copies of the cargo control documents and invoices.

Field No. 3 – Type

Indicate the B3 type by completing this field with the letter "C," denoting that this document is a final accounting for the release of goods after the payment of duties and taxes.

Field No. 4 – Office number

Show the CBSA office of release for the goods by entering in this field the three-digit office number listed in Appendix VI of this publication.

Field No. 5 – GST registration number

If you have entered a BN in field No. 1, leave this field blank.

Field No. 6 – Payment code

Leave this field blank.

Field No. 7 – Mode of transport

Complete this field for all shipments valued at greater than CAN$2,500 exported from the United States.

Use one of the following codes:

  • Air 1
  • Highway 2
  • Rail 6
  • Pipeline 7
  • Commercial Hand Carried Goods 8
  • Marine 9

Field No. 8 – Port of unlading

For marine shipments valued at greater than CAN$2,500 exported from the United States, enter in this field the three-digit code for the CBSA office where your goods were taken off the ship (as listed in Appendix VI of this publication).

Field No. 9 – Total value for duty

Complete field No. 37 before you complete this field. Add each of the classification line (field No. 37) amounts and indicate the total to the nearest dollar, in Canadian funds. Do not include a decimal point. On multi-page B3 forms, complete this field on the first page only.

Each set of information from field Nos. 10 to 19 is called a "Sub-header" and refers to all of the shipments for one vendor or seller.

Field No. 10 – Sub-header number

Identify each sub-header within Form B3. Number the sub-headers sequentially and use new sub-header numbers only when any of the information in field Nos. 10 to 19 has changed from the first page. When you need a new sub-header, complete all sub-header fields and not just those that differ from the previous sub-header.

Field No. 11 – Vendor name

Enter the name of the vendor or consignor of the goods as shown on the invoice. If the goods are invoiced from the United States, complete this field using two lines. On the first line, indicate the name of the vendor or consignor, and on the second line enter the three-character United States state code and its five-digit zip code. (See the list of valid state codes in Appendix VII of this publication). If the goods are invoiced from a country other than the United States but are exported from the United States, indicate the name of the foreign vendor, followed by the state and zip codes of the United States exporter. Each new vendor must be entered on a new sub-header.

Field No. 12 – Country of origin

Indicate the country where the goods were grown, produced, manufactured or finished to their present state.

If the country of origin of the goods is the United States, indicate the three-character United States state code. Enter a two-digit alphabetic code if the country of origin is a country other than the United States. (See the list of country or state codes in Appendix VII.)

Enter each new country or state on a new sub-header.

Field No. 13 – Place of export

Enter a three-digit alphabetic state code if the country of export is the United States. If the goods were exported from a foreign trade zone, indicate the appropriate code number for that zone. (Refer to the list of foreign trade zones in Appendix VIII of this publication.) If the country of export is a country other than the United States, enter the appropriate two-digit alphabetic code. (See the list of country and state codes in Appendix VII.)

Enter each new country, state, or zone on a new sub-header.

Field No. 14 – Tariff treatment

Enter the code for the tariff or trade agreement under which the goods are being imported into Canada. Select from the following codes:

Code and tariff treatment

1 - Commonwealth Developing Countries Remission Orders
2 - Most-Favoured-Nation Tariff
3 - General Tariff
4 - Australia Tariff
5 - New Zealand Tariff
7 - Commonwealth Caribbean Countries Tariff (PDF, 216.1 KB)
8 - Least Developed Country Tariff
9 - General Preferential Tariff
10 - United States Tariff
11 - Mexico Tariff
12 - Mexico-United States Tariff
13 - Canada-Israel Agreement Tariff
14 - Chile Tariff
21 - Costa Rica Tariff
22 - Iceland Tariff
23 - Norway Tariff
24 - Switzerland–Liechtenstein Tariff
25 - Peru Tariff
26 - Colombia Tariff

For North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) purposes only, you can use code 10 for the United States Tariff, code 11 for the Mexico Tariff or code 12 for the Mexico-United States Tariff if the following criteria are met:

  • you make a declaration that the imported goods originate from the Unites States or Mexico; and
  • you possess a valid NAFTA Certificate of Origin that covers the goods being imported.

You can also use codes 10 and 11 under the following circumstances:

  • you are importing certain non-originating textile goods under a tariff preference level (TPL) permit issued by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, and in the case of these goods being imported from Mexico, you obtained a Certificate of Eligibility from the Government of Mexico; and
  • you have a statement certifying that the goods have met the conditions set out in the Imports of Certain Textile and Apparel Goods from Mexico or the United States Customs Duty Remission Order.

If these codes are used when the goods are not entitled to such tariff treatments, penalties may apply.

Enter each new tariff treatment on a new sub-header.

Refer to the Customs Tariff for further information on how to apply tariff treatments.

TPLs are also provided under the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement and the Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement.

Field No. 15 – United States port of exit

Complete this field for all shipments valued at greater than CAN$2,500 exported from the United States.

The United States port of exit is defined as "the United States customs port at which or nearest to which the land surface carrier transporting the merchandise crosses the border of the United States into Canada or in the case of exportation by vessel or air, the United States customs port where the merchandise is loaded onto the vessel or aircraft that is to carry the merchandise to Canada."

Refer to Appendix X of this publication for a list of United States port of exit codes. Enter each new port of exit code on a new sub-header.

Field No. 16 – Direct shipment date

Enter the date indicated on your customs or commercial invoice if the currency code represents a currency other than Canadian dollars. You can leave this field blank if the currency code represents Canadian dollars.

Enter the month (M) and day (D/J).

Enter each new date on a new sub-header.

Field No. 17 – Currency code

Enter the appropriate International Standardization Organization (ISO) codes (e.g. United States = USD) from the list of currency codes in Appendix VII.

The currency code identifies the currency shown in field No. 36.

Enter each new currency on a new sub-header.

Field No. 18 – Time limit

Complete this field in months if a time limit is applicable (e.g. in the case of temporary importations). Enter each new time limit on a new sub-header.

Field No. 19 – Freight

Complete this field for all shipments valued at greater than CAN$2,500 exported from the United States.

Enter, to the nearest Canadian dollar, the total freight charges to transport the goods from the place of direct shipment in the United States to the consignee in Canada.

Complete this field on the first sub-header.

Field No. 20 – Release date

Leave this field blank.

Field No. 21 – Line

Number this line sequentially each time you assign a classification number. Do not skip or duplicate line numbers on Form B3, regardless of the number of sub-headers.

Field No. 22 – Description

Enter all references, such as to D memoranda, import permit numbers and value and classification ruling numbers, if applicable.

Field No. 23 – Weight in kilograms

Complete this field for all shipments valued at greater than CAN$2,500 exported from the United States through the marine or air modes.

Complete this field only on the first detail line for each transaction.

Enter the gross weight of the shipment to the nearest whole kilogram.

Field No. 24 – Previous transaction number

Leave this field blank.

Field No. 25 – Previous transaction line

Leave this field blank.

Field No. 26 – Special authority

Complete this field on each classification line, if applicable.

If you have obtained permission to import goods under special conditions (e.g. relief of duties), it is mandatory to enter the authority number in the appropriate field. Before you complete an accounting document where special authority is involved, consult Memoranda D17-1-10, Coding of Customs Accounting Documents; D8-2-1, Canadian Goods Abroad and D7-4-1, Duty Deferral Program.

The benefits of the United States Tariff and the Mexico Tariff, according to the Imports of Certain Textile and Apparel Goods From Mexico or the United States Customs Duty Remission Order, may be extended to certain textile and apparel goods that are cut and sewn or otherwise assembled (or woven or knit) in the United States or Mexico from fabric (or yarn or fibre) produced or obtained in a non-NAFTA country. Similarly, the benefits of the Chile Tariff and the Costa Rica Tariff can be extended to certain textile and apparel goods from Chile and Costa Rica. When you present accounting documents for such goods, record in field No. 26 the number 98-1456, which is the Order-in-Council number of the NAFTA tariff preference level remission order or 98-1455, which is the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA) tariff preference level remission order. Any refunds under this program are through the remission order using the legislative authority of section 115(3) of the Customs Tariff.

Field No. 27 – Classification number

Enter the correct classification number as indicated in the Customs Tariff for each commodity included in the shipment. Include a decimal point after each of the fourth, sixth and eighth digits (e.g. 1234.56.78.90).

Field No. 28 – Tariff code

Complete this field if the conditions specified in Chapter 99 (special classification provisions) of the Customs Tariff apply.

Field No. 29 – Quantity

Indicate the quantity of goods being accounted for on Form B3, in the unit of measure required by the Customs Tariff.

Leave this field blank if no unit of measure is applicable from the Customs Tariff or any excise tax rates.

Field No. 30 – Unit of measure

Enter the unit of measure code you used to indicate the quantity of goods, as specified in the Customs Tariff.

Use only metric alphabetic codes.

Leave this field blank if no unit of measure is applicable from the Customs Tariff or any excise tax rates. (Refer to Appendix IX of this publication for the unit of measure codes.)

Field No. 31 – Value for duty code

The value for duty is usually based on the transaction value method of valuation, which requires that the goods be sold for export to Canada, to a purchaser in Canada, and the price paid or payable for the goods can be determined. Under this method, the selling price, with certain additions and minus certain deductions, converted to Canadian funds, will be the value for duty. Consult the memoranda D13 series for more details regarding the use of the transaction value method or, if necessary, one of the alternative methods of valuation.

Use a combination of one of the first-digit code numbers and one of the second-digit code numbers outlined below to indicate the basis on which you determined the value for duty.

First digit code No. (relationship)

1 - The vendor and purchaser are not related firms as defined in subsection 45(3) of the Customs Act.
2 - The vendor and purchaser are related firms as defined in subsection 45(3) of the Customs Act.

Second digit code No.(valuation method used)

3 - Price paid or payable without adjustments (section 48 of the Customs Act)
4 - Price paid or payable with adjustments (section 48 of the Customs Act)
5 - Transaction value of identical goods (section 49 of the Customs Act)
6 - Transaction value of similar goods (section 50 of the Customs Act)
7 - Deductive value of imported goods (section 51 of the Customs Act)
8 - Computed value (section 52 of the Customs Act)
9 - Residual method of valuation (section 53 of the Customs Act)

If the vendor and purchaser are related firms, and the value for duty is the transaction value of similar goods, enter code 26.

Field No. 32 – Special Import Measures Act (SIMA) code

Complete this field for goods subject to an action under the SIMA and/or a surtax order.

Identify the type of SIMA disposition applicable to the goods you are importing, as well as the method of payment, in the following manner:

The first digit will be the SIMA assessment type:

  1. Goods are not subject to a finding by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) and/or a surtax order under the Customs Tariff;
  2. Goods are covered by a price undertaking offered by all, or substantially all, exporters of the subject goods and accepted by the President;
  3. Goods are subject to a preliminary determination;
  4. Goods are subject to a CITT finding. There is no amount of anti-dumping and/or countervailing duty owing, which results in a nil payment; or
  5. Goods are subject to a CITT finding and/or a surtax order. Anti-dumping and/or countervailing duty and/or a surtax amount is payable.

When goods are subject to a CITT finding and/or a surtax order and SIMA duty and/or a surtax amount are covered by a remission order, use SIMA code 50.

The second digit will indicate a nil assessment or the method of payment:

  • 0. nil payment
  • 1. cash
  • 2. bond

Field No. 33 – Rate of customs duty

Indicate the applicable rate of duty as specified in the Customs Tariff for the relevant classification number.

When both percentage and specific duties apply, indicate the percentage rate of duty on the first detail line. Enter the specific rate of duty on the next detail line. Do not complete a line number for this line.

If an additional rate of duty equivalent to an excise duty is applicable, enter this rate of duty on the next detail line in this field. Do not complete a line number for this line.

Field No. 34 – Excise tax rate

Indicate, where applicable, the rate of excise tax (or an exemption code) in accordance with the Excise Tax Act. If excise tax does not apply, leave this field blank.

Field No. 35 – Rate of GST

Indicate the applicable goods and services tax (GST) rate or exemption code in accordance with the Excise Tax Act.

Field No. 36 – Value for currency conversion

Complete on each classification line by entering this amount in the currency specified on the invoice to a maximum of two decimal points. For assistance in determining the amount to be shown in this field, consult the memoranda-D13 series.

Field No. 37 – Value for duty

Complete on each classification line by multiplying the value for currency conversion, calculated in accordance with the valuation method identified in field No. 31, by the exchange rate on the date of direct shipment.

Enter the value in Canadian dollars using a decimal point (e.g. CAN$96.00 is shown as 96.00). Make your calculations to the cent.

Field No. 38 – Customs duties

Indicate the amount of customs duty (not including provisional, anti-dumping or countervailing) in dollars and cents separated by a decimal point.

When a percentage rate of customs duty applies, you can calculate the amount of customs duty by multiplying the rate of customs duty by the value for duty. When the rate is based on a quantity or measure of the goods (specific rate), calculate the amount of the customs duty by multiplying the rate by the quantity.

Field No. 39 – SIMA assessment

When goods are subject to surtax, provisional, anti-dumping or countervailing duties, enter the amount in this field. Indicate the amount in dollars and cents, separated by a decimal point.

These amounts and/or duties form part of the value for the calculation of excise taxes except if provisional duty is deferred by bond.

Field No. 40 – Excise tax

Indicate the amount of excise tax payable in dollars and cents, if applicable, on each classification line.

When a percentage rate applies, multiply the excise tax rate in field No. 34 by the sum of field Nos. 37, 38 and 39.

When a specific rate applies, multiply the excise tax rate in field No. 34 by the quantity in field No. 29.

Field No. 41 – Value for tax

Complete on each classification line the value for tax by adding the value for duty shown in field No. 37, the customs duty shown in field No. 38, any SIMA assessment shown in field No. 39 and any excise tax shown in field No. 40.

Field No. 42 – GST

Indicate the amount of goods and services tax (GST) payable in dollars and cents, if applicable.

You can calculate the GST by multiplying the rate in field No. 35 by the value for tax in field No. 41.

This portion of Form B3 is referred to as the "Trailer" and applies to the whole shipment.

Field No. 43 – Deposit

Leave this field blank on this type of entry.

Field No. 44 – Warehouse number

Leave this field blank.

Field No. 45 – Cargo control number

Indicate the cargo control number as shown in the upper right-hand corner on the cargo control document for the shipment being released. If there is more than one cargo control document to be acquitted by one Form B3, list all the cargo control numbers on Form B3B, Canada Customs Cargo Control Continuation Sheet, and enter "B3B" in this field. Attach only one copy of Form B3B to your original Form B3.

Leave this field blank if no cargo control document is required (for more information, see Memorandum D3-1-1, Policy Respecting the Importation and Transportation of Goods, paragraph 31).

In the case of postal shipments, indicate the Form E14, CBSA Postal Import Form, inventory control number in this field.

Field No. 46 – Carrier code at importation

Complete this field for all shipments valued at greater than CAN$2,500 that you import from the United States through the marine or air modes.

Enter the four-digit carrier code of the carrier that brought the goods into Canada. This is the first three or four digits of the cargo control number.

Where there are only three digits, as in an air carrier, indicate the three-digit code plus a hyphen.

Field No. 47 – Customs duties

Enter the total of each detail line (field No. 38) duty amounts. If there are no customs duties payable, leave this field blank

Field No. 48 – SIMA assessment

Complete this field if an amount of surtax and/or provisional duty, anti-dumping duty or countervailing duty is payable.

Enter the total of each of the classification line (field No. 39) provisional duty or SIMA duty amounts and/or the amounts of a surtax, unless deferred by bond as designated by SIMA codes 32 or 52 or covered by a remission order as indicated by SIMA code 50.

Indicate the total in dollars and cents separated by a decimal point.

If Form B3 has two or more pages, complete this field only on the last page.

Field No. 49 – Excise tax

Enter the total of each of the detail line (field No. 40) excise tax amounts. If there is no excise tax payable, leave this field blank.

Field No. 50 – GST

Enter the total of each of the detail line (field No. 42) goods and services tax (GST) amounts. Leave this field blank if there is no GST payable.

Field No. 51 – Total

Calculate the total amount payable by adding the amounts in field Nos. 47, 48, 49 and 50. If you do not have to pay any duties and taxes, enter any combination of zeros. Do not leave this field blank.

If you owe duties and taxes, you can pay by cash, certified cheque or money order. Providing certain conditions are met, you can submit an uncertified cheque for amounts up to CAN$2,500. Credit cards will be accepted for commercial importations up to CAN$500.


Enter the name and telephone number of the person making the declaration and the company name.

Date and sign the declaration on the original copy of Form B3.

If Form B3 has two or more pages, complete this field only on the last page.

The person whose name appears on the declaration must sign the declaration. This person is indicating that the information contained on Form B3 is accurate and complete.

Appendix I – Example of a Cargo Control Document

Appendix II – Example of a Canada Customs Invoice

Appendix III – Example of a Form B3

Appendix IV – Example of a document presentation

Documentation requirements

To help us process and release your goods as quickly as possible, present the required documents in the order indicated below. The set designation indicates the destination of each document following the CBSA's review.

  1. Carrier/Warehouse Keeper SetCBSA delivery authority copy of the Cargo Control Document, transaction number annotated.
  2. Other Government Department (OGD) Set – The original permits, certificates, licences, etc., as required by OGD, transaction number annotated.
  3. CBSA Set – Documents used to support appraisal and samples (i.e., separating documents, Invoice, B3 Accounting Document with bar-coded transaction number, long room copy of the Cargo Control Document).

C Type Accounting Documents – the following documents will be packaged in an appropriate coloured wrapper. Please refer to Memorandum D17-1-10 for wrapper colour:

  • Carrier/Warehouse Keeper Set
  • OGD Set
  • CBSA Set

Appendix V – Example of a page from the Customs Tariff

Appendix VI – CBSA office codes by region

Directory of CBSA Offices

Appendix VII – List of country and currency codes (including the states of the United States)

Code: AL
Currency: Lek
Currency Code: ALL
Code: DZ
Currency: Algerian Dinar
Currency Code: DZD
American Samoa
Code: AS
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: AD
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: AO
Currency: Kwanza
Currency Code: AOA
Code: AI
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency Code: XCD
Code: AQ
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Antigua and Barbuda
Code: AG
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency Code: XCD
Code: AR
Currency: Argentine Peso
Currency Code: ARS
Code: AM
Currency: Dram
Currency Code: AMD
Code: AW
Currency: Aruban Guilder
Currency Code: AWG
Code: AU
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Code: AUD
Code: AT
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: AZ
Currency: Azerbaijan Manat
Currency Code: AZN
Code: BS
Currency: Bahamian Dollar
Currency Code: BSD
Code: BH
Currency: Bahraini Dinar
Currency Code: BHD
Code: BD
Currency: Taka
Currency Code: BDT
Code: BB
Currency: Barbados Dollar
Currency Code: BBD
Code: BY
Currency: Belarussian Ruble
Currency Code: BYR
Code: BE
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: BZ
Currency: Belize Dollar
Currency Code: BZD
Code: BJ
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: BM
Currency: Bermudian Dollar
Code: BT
Currency: Indian Rupee
Currency Code: INR
Code: BO
Currency: Boliviano
Currency Code: BOB
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius & Sabat
Code: BQ
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Code: BA
Currency: Convertible Mark
Currency Code: BAM
Code: BW
Currency: Pula
Currency Code: BWP
Bouvet Island
Code: BV
Currency: Norwegian Krone
Currency Code: NOK
Code: BR
Currency: Brazilian Real
Currency Code: BRL
British Indian Ocean Territory
Code: IO
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Brunei Darussalam
Code: BN
Currency: Brunei Dollar
Currency Code: BND
Code: BG
Currency: Lev
Currency Code: BGN
Burkina Faso
Code: BF
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: BI
Currency: Burundi Franc
Currency Code: BIF
Code: KH
Currency: Riel
Currency Code: KHR
Code: CM
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: CA
Currency: Canadian Dollar
Currency Code: CAD
Cape Verde
Code: CV
Currency: Cape Verde Escudo
Currency Code: CVE
Cayman Islands
Code: KY
Currency: Cayman Islands Dollar
Currency Code: KYD
Central African Republic
Code: CF
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Ceuta and Melilla
Code: EA
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: TD
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: CL
Currency: Chilean Peso
Currency Code: CLP
Code: CN
Currency: Yuan Renminbi
Currency Code: CNY
Christmas Island
Code: CX
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Code: AUD
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Code: CC
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Code: AUD
Code: CO
Currency: Colombian Peso
Currency Code: COP
Code: KM
Currency: Comoro Franc
Currency Code: KMF
Code: CG
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Congo (Democratic Republic of)
Code: CD
Currency: Franc Congolais
Currency Code: CDF
Cook Islands
Code: CK
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Currency Code: NZD
Costa Rica
Code: CR
Currency: Costa Rican Colon
Currency Code: CRC
Côte d’Ivoire
Code: CI
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: HR
Currency: Croatian Kuna
Currency Code: HRK
Code: CU
Currency: Cuban Peso
Currency Code: CUP
Code: CW
Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder
Currency Code: ANG
Code: CY
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Czech Republic
Code: CZ
Currency: Czech Koruna
Currency Code: CZK
Code: DK
Currency: Danish Krone
Currency Code: DKK
Code: DJ
Currency: Djibouti Franc
Currency Code: DJF
Code: DM
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency Code: XCD
Dominican Republic
Code: DO
Currency: Dominican Peso
Currency Code: DOP
Code: EC
Currency: US Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: EG
Currency: Egyptian Pound
Currency Code: EGP
El Salvador
Code: SV
Currency: El Salvador Colon
Currency Code: SVC
Equatorial Guinea
Code: GQ
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: ER
Currency: Nakfa
Currency Code: ERN
Code: EE
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: ET
Currency: Ethiopian Birr
Currency Code: ETB
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Code: FK
Currency: Falkland Islands Pound
Currency Code: FKP
Faroe Islands
Code: FO
Currency: Danish Krone
Currency Code: DKK
Code: FJ
Currency: Fiji Dollar
Currency Code: FJD
Code: FI
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: FR
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
French Guiana
Code: GF
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
French Polynesia
Code: PF
Currency: CFP Franc
Currency Code: XPF
French Southern Territories
Code: TF
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: GA
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: GM
Currency: Dalasi
Currency Code: GMD
Code: GE
Currency: Lari
Currency Code: GEL
Code: DE
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: GH
Currency: Cedi
Currency Code: GHS
Code: GI
Currency: Pound Sterling
Currency Code: GBP
Code: GR
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: GL
Currency: Danish Krone
Currency Code: DKK
Code: GD
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency Code: XCD
Code: GP
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: GU
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: GT
Currency: Quetzal
Currency Code: GTQ
Code: GG
Currency: Pound Sterling
Currency Code: GBP
Code: GN
Currency: Franc
Currency Code: GNF
Code: GW
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: GY
Currency: Guyanese Dollar
Currency Code: GYD
Code: HT
Currency: Gourde
Currency Code: HTG
Heard and McDonald Islands
Code: HM
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Code: AUD
Holy See (Vatican City State)
Code: VA
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: HN
Currency: Lempira
Currency Code: HNL
Hong Kong
Code: HK
Currency: Hong Kong Dollar
Currency Code: HKD
Code: HU
Currency: Forint
Currency Code: HUF
Code: IS
Currency: Iceland Krona
Currency Code: ISK
Code: IN
Currency: Indian Rupee
Currency Code: INR
Code: ID
Currency: Rupiah
Currency Code: IDR
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Code: IR
Currency: Iranian Rial
Currency Code: IRR
Code: IQ
Currency: Iraqi Dinar
Currency Code: IQD
Code: IE
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Isle of Man
Code: IM
Currency: Pound Sterling
Currency Code: GBP
Code: IL
Currency: New Israeli Shekel
Currency Code: ILS
Code: IT
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Ivory Coast (refer to Côte d’Ivoire)
Code: JM
Currency: Jamaican Dollar
Currency Code: JMD
Code: JP
Currency: Yen
Currency Code: JPY
Code: JE
Currency: Pound Sterling
Currency Code: GBP
Code: JO
Currency: Jordanian Dinar
Currency Code: JOD
Code: KZ
Currency: Tenge
Currency Code: KZT
Code: KE
Currency: Kenyan Shilling
Currency Code: KES
Code: KI
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Code: AUD
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
Code: KP
Currency: North Korean Won
Currency Code: KPW
Korea, Republic of
Code: KR
Currency: Won
Currency Code: KRW
Code: KW
Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar
Currency Code: KWD
Code: KG
Currency: Som
Currency Code: KGS
Laos, People’s Democratic Republic
Code: LA
Currency: Kip
Currency Code: LAK
Code: LV
Currency: Latvian Lats
Currency Code: LVL
Code: LB
Currency: Lebanese Pound
Currency Code: LBP
Code: LS
Currency: Loti
Currency Code: LSL
Code: LR
Currency: Liberia Dollar
Currency Code: LRD
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Code: LY
Currency: Libyan Dinar
Currency Code: LYD
Code: LI
Currency: Swiss Franc
Currency Code: CHF
Code: LT
Currency: Lithuania Litas
Currency Code: LTL
Code: LU
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: MO
Currency: Pataca
Currency Code: MOP
Code: MK
Currency: Dinar
Currency Code: MKD
Code: MG
Currency: Malagasy Ariary
Currency Code: MGA
Code: MW
Currency: Kwacha
Currency Code: MWK
Code: MY
Currency: Malaysian Ringgit
Currency Code: MYR
Code: MV
Currency: Rufiyaa
Currency Code: MVR
Code: ML
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: MT
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Marshall Islands
Code: MH
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: MQ
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: MR
Currency: Ouguiya
Currency Code: MRO
Code: MU
Currency: Mauritius Rupee
Currency Code: MUR
Code: YT
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: MX
Currency: Mexican Nuevo Peso
Currency Code: MXN
Code: FM
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Moldova, Republic of
Code: MD
Currency: Moldovan Leu
Currency Code: MDL
Code: MC
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: MN
Currency: Tugrik
Currency Code: MNT
Code: ME
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: MS
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency Code: XCD
Code: MZ
Currency: Mozambique Metical
Currency Code: MZN
Code: MM
Currency: Kyat
Currency Code: MMK
Code: NA
Currency: Namibian dollar
Currency Code: NAD
Code: NR
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Code: AUD
Code: NP
Currency: Nepalese Rupee
Currency Code: NPR
Code: NL
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Netherlands Antilles
Code: AN
Currency: Netherlands Antillian Guilder
Currency Code: ANG
New Caledonia
Code: NC
Currency: CFP Franc
Currency Code: XPF
New Zealand
Code: NZ
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Currency Code: NZD
Code: NI
Currency: Cordoba
Currency Code: NIO
Code: NE
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: NG
Currency: Naira
Currency Code: NGN
Code: NU
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Currency Code: NZD
Norfolk Island
Code: NF
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Code: AUD
Northern Mariana Islands
Code: MP
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: NO
Currency: Norwegian Krone
Currency Code: NOK
Code: OM
Currency: Omani Rial
Currency Code: OMR
Code: PK
Currency: Pakistan Rupee
Currency Code: PKR
Code: PW
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: PA
Currency: Balboa or U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: PAB or USD
Papua New Guinea
Code: PG
Currency: Kina
Currency Code: PGK
Code: PY
Currency: Guarani
Currency Code: PYG
Code: PE
Currency: Nuevo Sol
Currency Code: PEN
Code: PH
Currency: Philippine Peso
Currency Code: PHP
Code: PN
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Currency Code: NZD
Code: PL
Currency: Zloty
Currency Code: PLN
Code: PT
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Puerto Rico
Code: PR
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: QA
Currency: Qatari Rial
Currency Code: QAR
Code: RE
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: RO
Currency: Leu
Currency Code: RON
Russian Federation
Code: RU
Currency: New Ruble
Currency Code: RUB
Code: RW
Currency: Rwanda Franc
Currency Code: RWF
Saint Helena, Asc. & Tr. Da Cunha
Code: SH
Currency: Saint Helena Pound
Currency Code: SHP
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Code: KN
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency Code: XCD
Saint Lucia
Code: LC
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency Code: XCD
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
Code: PM
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Code: VC
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Currency Code: XCD
Code: WS
Currency: Tala
Currency Code: WST
San Marino
Code: SM
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Sao Tome and Principe
Code: ST
Currency: Dobra
Currency Code: STD
Saudi Arabia
Code: SA
Currency: Saudi Riyal
Currency Code: SAR
Code: SN
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: RS
Currency: New Serbian Dinar
Currency Code: RSD
Code: SC
Currency: Seychelles Rupee
Currency Code: SCR
Sierra Leone
Code: SL
Currency: Leone
Currency Code: SLL
Code: SG
Currency: Singapore Dollar
Currency Code: SGD
Sint Maarten (Dutch Part)
Code: SX
Currency: Netherland Antillean Guilder
Currency Code: ANG
Code: SK
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Code: SI
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Solomon Islands
Code: SB
Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar
Currency Code: SBD
Code: SO
Currency: Somali Shilling
Currency Code: SOS
South Africa
Code: ZA
Currency: Rand
Currency Code: ZAR
South Georgia
Code: GS
Currency: Pound Sterling
Currency Code: GBP
South Sudan
Code: SS
Currency: South Sudanese Pound
Currency Code: SSP
Code: ES
Currency: Euro Dollar
Currency Code: EUR
Sri Lanka
Code: LK
Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee
Currency Code: LKR
Code: SD
Currency: Sudanese Pound
Currency Code: SDG
Code: SR
Currency: Suriname Dollar
Currency Code: SRD
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
Code: SJ
Currency: Norwegian Krone
Currency Code: NOK
Code: SZ
Currency: Lilangeni
Currency Code: SZL
Code: SE
Currency: Swedish Krona
Currency Code: SEK
Code: CH
Currency: Swiss Franc
Currency Code: CHF
Syrian Arab Republic
Code: SY
Currency: Syrian Pound
Currency Code: SYP
Code: TW
Currency: New Taiwan Dollar
Currency Code: TWD
Code: TJ
Currency: Somoni
Currency Code: TJS
Tanzania, United Republic of
Code: TZ
Currency: Tanzanian Shilling
Currency Code: TZS
Code: TH
Currency: Baht
Currency Code: THB
Code: TL
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: TG
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC
Currency Code: XAF
Code: TK
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Currency Code: NZD
Code: TO
Currency: Pa'anga
Currency Code: TOP
Trinidad and Tobago
Code: TT
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
Currency Code: TTD
Code: TN
Currency: Tunisian Dinar
Currency Code: TND
Code: TR
Currency: Turkish Lira
Currency Code: TRY
Code: TM
Currency: Turkmen New Manat
Currency Code: TMT
Turks and Caicos Islands
Code: TC
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: TV
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Code: AUD
Code: UG
Currency: Uganda Shilling
Currency Code: UGX
Code: UA
Currency: Hryvnia
Currency Code: UAH
United Arab Emirates
Code: AE
Currency: UAE Dirham
Currency Code: AED
United Kingdom
Code: GB
Currency: Pound Sterling
Currency Code: GBP
United States
Code: US
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: UAL
Code: UAK
Code: UAZ
Code: UAR
Code: UCA
Code: UCO
Columbia (District of)
Code: UDC
Code: UCT
Code: UDE
Code: UFL
Code: UGA
Code: UHI
Code: UID
Code: UIL
Code: UIN
Code: UIA
Code: UKS
Code: UKY
Code: ULA
Code: UME
Code: UMD
Code: UMA
Code: UMI
Code: UMN
Code: UMS
Code: UMO
Code: UMT
Code: UNE
Code: UNV
New Hampshire
Code: UNH
New Jersey
Code: UNJ
New Mexico
Code: UNM
New York
Code: UNY
North Carolina
Code: UNC
North Dakota
Code: UND
Code: UOH
Code: UOK
Code: UOR
Code: UPA
Rhode Island
Code: URI
South Carolina
Code: USC
South Dakota
Code: USD
Code: UTN
Code: UTX
Code: UUT
Code: UVT
Code: UVA
Washington (State of)
Code: UWA
West Virginia
Code: UWV
Code: UWI
Code: UWY
United States Minor Outlying Islands
Code: UM
U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Code: UY
Uruguayo Peso
Currency Code: UYU
Code: UZ
Currency Code: UZS
Code: VU
Currency: Vatu
Currency Code: VUV
Vatican City State (refer to Holy See)
Code: VE
Currency: Bolivar Fuerte
Currency Code: VEF
Code: VN
Currency: Dong
Currency Code: VND
Virgin Islands, British
Code: VG
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Virgin Islands, U.S.
Code: VI
Currency: U.S. Dollar
Currency Code: USD
Wallis and Futuna Islands
Code: WF
Currency: CFP Franc
Currency Code: XPF
West Bank and Gaza Strip
Code: PS
Currency: New Israeli Shekel
Currency Code: ILS
Western Sahara
Code: EH
Currency: Moroccan Dirham
Currency Code: MAD
Code: YE
Currency: Yemeni Rial
Currency Code: YER
Zaire (refer to Congo, Democratic Republic of)
Currency: New Zaire
Currency Code: ZRN
Code: ZM
Currency: Kwacha
Currency Code: ZMK
Code: ZW
Currency: Zimbabwe Dollar
Currency Code: ZWD

Appendix VIII – United States foreign trade zones


82 - Mobile

82A - Atlantic Marine Alabama, LLC
82B - Evonik Degussa Corp.
82D - Sony Electronics Inc.
82E - Syngenta Crop Protection
82F - Trigeant EP, Ltd.
82G - Shell Chemical LP
82H - Austal
82I - ThyssenKrupp Steel & Stainless USA

83 - Huntsville

83A - DaimlerChrysler

98 - Birmingham

98A - DaimlerChrysler
98B - ZF Industries
98C - JVC America
98D - NCCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.

222 - Montgomery

222A - Hyundai Motor
222B - Quantegy, Inc.

233 - Dothan


108 - Valdez

159 - St. Paul

160 - Anchorage

160A - Tesoro Alaska

195 - Fairbanks

195A - Flowline Alaska

232 - Kodiak


60 - Nogales

75 - Phoenix

75A - Conair
75B - Wal-Mart
75C - Intel
75D - STMicroelectronics
75E - Abbott Laboratories
75G - SUMCO Southwest Corp.
75H - Microchip Technology
75I - American Italian Pasta Company

139 - Sierra Vista

174 - Tucson (Pima County)

174A - Imation Corp.

219 - Yuma County (Yuma)

219B - Gowan Company

221 - Mesa

277 - Western Maricopa County


14 - Little Rock

14A - Sanyo
14B - Cedar Chemical
14D - Lion Oil Co.
14E - L'Oreal USA, Inc.
14F - Husqvarna Outdoor Products, Inc.
14G - Husqvarna Outdoor Products, Inc.

273 - West Memphis


3 San Francisco

3A - Lilli Ann
3B - Chevron
3C - Tesoro Refining

18 - San Jose

18E - Space Systems/Loral, Inc.
18F - Lam Research Corp.

50 - Long Beach

50C - National RV, Inc.
50D - Datatape, Inc.
50E - Alps Manufacturing
50F - Rauch Industries
50G - Shell Oil Products
50H - BP West Coast Products LLC
50I - Valero Energy Corporation
50J - Ricoh Electronics, Inc.
50K - Eastman Kodak Company
50L - Michelin North America, Inc.

56 - Oakland

56A - Mazda

143 - West Sacramento

143A - C. Ceronix, Inc. (Auburn)
143B - Hewlett-Packard Company
143C - Gymboree Corporation (Dixon)
143D - Grafil, Inc.

153 - San Diego

153C - DNP Electronics
153D - Callaway Golf Company
153E - National Steel & Shipbuilding Co.

191 - Palmdale

202 - Los Angeles

202A - Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company (3M - )
202B - Chevron USA, Inc.
202C - ConocoPhillips
202E - Sony Electronics, Inc.

205 - Port Hueneme (Ventura County)

205A - Imation Corp. (Camarillo)

226 - Merced, Madera, and Fresno Counties

231 - Stockton

231A - Medline Industries, Inc.

236 - Palm Springs

237 - Santa Maria

243 - Victorville

243A - - Black & Decker Corp.

244 - Riverside County

244A - Skechers USA, LLC

248 - Eureka

257 - Imperial County

276 - Kern County


112 - Colorado Springs

123 - Denver

123A - Storage Technology Corporation
123B - Artesyn Technologies
123C - Eastman Kodak Company
123D - Carestream Health Inc.
123E - Vestas Nacelles America, Inc.


71 - Windsor Locks (Hartford)

76 - Bridgeport

162 - New Haven

162A - Bayer Corporation (West Haven)

208 - New London

208A - Pfizer, Inc.


99 - Wilmington

99A - J. Schoeneman, Inc.
99B - DaimlerChrysler
99C - General Motors Corporation
99D - AstraZeneca
99E - Delaware City Refining Company


25 - Broward County (Port Everglades)

25B - CITGO Petroleum Corporation
25C - Coastal Fuels Marketing
25D - Motiva Enterprises
25E - Chevron Products Company
25F - South Florida Materials Corporation

32 - Miami

42 - Orlando

42A - Mitsubishi Power Systems

64 - Jacksonville

64A - Atlantic Marine

65 - Panama City

65A - Eastern Shipbuilding Group

79 - Tampa

79A - Reilly Dairy & Food Company
79B - Sypris Electronics LLC

135 - Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach)

136 - Brevard County (Port Canaveral)

136A - Flite Technology
136C - Harris Corporation-Electronic-Systems Sector

166 - Homestead

169 - Manatee County (Palmetto)

169A - Aso Corporation (Sarasota County)

180 - Miami

193 - Pinellas County (St. Petersburg-Clearwater)

193A - Catalan Pharma Solution, LLC

198 - Volusia and Flagler Counties

213 - Fort Myers

215 - Sebring

217 - Ocala

218 - St. Lucie County

241 - Fort Lauderdale

249 - Pensacola

249A - General Electric Wind Energy/Energy Rentals

250 - Seminole County


26 - Atlanta

26A - General Motors Corporation
26C - Ford Motor Company
26D - Yamaha
26E - Pratt & Whitney
26F - Precision Components International, Inc.
26G - Roper Corporation
26H - Ricoh Electronics, Inc.
26I - Inflation Systems, Inc.
26J - Eastman Kodak Company
26K - Noramco, Inc.

104 - Chatham County (Savannah)

104A - Merck & Co., Inc. (Albany)
104B - Wal-Mart
104C - NuStar Energy L.P.
104D - Tumi, Inc.

144 - Brunswick

144A - E.I. du Pont de Nemours


9 - Honolulu

9A - Tesoro Hawaii Corporation
9B - Kerr Pacific
9D - Maui Pineapple Co., Ltd. (Kahuliu, Maui)
9E - Chevron Corp.
9F - Citizens Communications Company


242 - Boundary County

242A - Hoku Materials, Inc.


22 - Chicago

22B - Ford
22F - Abbott Molecular, Inc.
22H - BP Pipeline North America
22I - Citgo Petroleum Corp.
22J - EXXON Mobil
22K - Henkel Corporation
22M - Northrop Grumman Corporation
22N - Michelin North America, Inc.
22O - Medline Industries, Inc.
22P - Sony Electronics Inc.
22R - Crate & Barrel

31 - Granite City (St. Louis)

31A - DaimlerChrysler
31B - WRB Refining LLC
31C - Premcor Refining Group Inc.

114 - Peoria

114A - Caterpillar, Inc.
114C - Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing of America
114D - E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co.
114E - Rockwell Automation

133 - Quad-Cities, Iowa/Illinois (Davenport/Milan)

133D - Deere & Company

146 - Lawrence County (Lawrenceville)

146A - North American Lighting & Hella Electronics
146C - Fedders North America, Inc. (Effingham)
146D - Marathon Petroleum Company LP

176 - Rockford

176A - Milk Specialties
176C - DaimlerChrysler
176D - Nissan Industrial Engine
176E - Nissan Forklift Corporation
176F - Cellusuede Products, Inc.

245 - Decatur

245A - Archer Daniels Midland

271 - Jo-Daviess & Carroll Counties

271A - Danisco USA, Inc., Sweeteners Division


72 - Indianapolis

72A - General Motors Corporation
72B - Eli Lilly and Company
72F - DaimlerChrysler Corporation
72G - DaimlerChrysler Corporation
72H - Subaru of Indiana Automotive
72I - Alpine
72J - Endress & Hauser Flowtec AG
72K - Onkyo America, Inc. (Columbus)
72L - Thomson Multimedia, Inc.
72M - Fujitsu Ten Corp. of America (Rushville)
72N - Alfa Laval Distribution, Inc.
72O - Tetra Pak Parts Americas, Inc. (Greenwood)
72P - SMC Pneumatics, Inc.
72Q - Rolls-Royce Corporation
72R - Decatur Mold Tool & Engineering
72S - Brightpoint North America L.P.

125 - South Bend

125D - Audiovox Specialized Applications
125E - Thor Industries, Inc.

152 - Burns Harbor

152B - BP Products North America

170 - Clark County (Jeffersonville)

170A - Lexmark International, Inc.
170B - Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals

177 - Evansville

177A - Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
177B - Toyota Motor Manufacturing
177C - Pfizer Inc
177D - Mead Johnson & Co.

182 - Ft. Wayne


107 - Polk County (Des Moines)

107A - Winnebago Industries, Inc. (Forest City)
107B - SACMI USA, Ltd.
107C - SPAL USA, Inc.

133 - Quad-Cities, Iowa/Illinois (Davenport/Milan)

133D - Deere & Company

175 - Cedar Rapids

175A - Deere & Company


17 - Kansas City

17A - General Motors
17B - Bayer Health Care Group

161 - Sedgwick County (Wichita)

161A - Hospira, Inc.
161B - Frontier El Dorado Refining Co.
161C - Hawker Beechcraft Corp.


29 - Jefferson County (Louisville)

29B - Ford Motor Company (deactivated)
29C - General Electric Company
29D - Lexmark International, Inc. (Lexington)
29E - Toyota Motor Manufacturing
29F - Hitachi
29G - Ascent Power Tech. Corp.
29H - ISP Chemicals
29I - NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.
29J - Reynolds Packaging LLC
29K - Dow Corning Corporation

47 - Boone County, Kentucky (Cincinnati)

47A - Clarion
47B - Marathon Petroleum Company LP
47C - GE Engine Services Distribution


2 - New Orleans

2C - Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc.
2D - Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc.
2E - Northrop Grumman Ship Systems
2F - Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc.
2G - Trinity Yachts, Inc.
2H - Chalmette Refining LLC
2I - ConocoPhillips
2J - Murphy Oil USA, Inc. (St. Bernard Parish)
2K - Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

87 - Lake Charles

87A - ConocoPhillips
87B - CITGO Petroleum Corporation
87C - Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

124 - Gramercy

124A - Valero Refining
124B - North American Shipbuilding, Inc.
124C - Motiva Enterprises
124E - Marathon Petroleum Company LP
124F - Motiva Enterprises
124G - Halter Marine, Inc. (Lockport)
124H - Bollinger Shipyards, Inc. (Lockport)
124I - J. Ray McDermott, Inc.
124K - M-I, LLC.
124L - Candies Shipbuilding, LLC
124M - Baker Hughes, Inc.
124N - Excalibar Minerals

145 - Shreveport

145A - Avaya, Inc.

154 - Baton Rouge

154A - Exxon Mobil

261 - Alexandria


58 - Bangor

179 - Madawaska

179A - Evergreen Trading Co., LLC (formerly Northern Trading Company)

186 - Waterville

263 - Auburn


63 - Prince George’s County (Washington, D.C.)

73 - BWI Airport (Baltimore)

73A - Rotorex
73B - Northrop Grumman
73C - IKEA

74 - Baltimore

74B - Michelin North America, Inc.
74C - Tulkoff Food Products, Inc.

255 - Washington County


27 - Boston

27C - Lawrence Textile
27D - General Motors
27E - Polaroid Corporation (Norwood)
27F - Polaroid Corporation (Needham)
27H - Polaroid Corporation (Waltham)
27I - Polaroid Corporation (Freetown)
27J - Polaroid Corporation
27K - Polaroid Corporation (Cambridge)
27L - AstraZeneca LP
27M - Reebok International

28 - New Bedford

28D - Polaroid Corporation
28F - Acushnet Company

201 - Holyoke

201A - Hazen Paper Co.
201B - Mastex Industries, Inc.
201C - Yankee Candle Corporation


16 - Sault Ste. Marie

16A - Northern Imports, LLC

43 - Battle Creek

43B - Mead Johnson & Co. LLC
43C - Abbott
43D - Perrigo Co.
43E - Pfizer Inc.

70 - Detroit

70A - Ford Motor Company (Romeo)
70B - DaimlerChrysler
70C - Ford
70D - Ford
70E - Ford
70F - General Motors
70G - General Motors
70H - DaimlerChrysler
70I - Mazda
70J - DaimlerChrysler
70K - General Motors
70L - General Motors
70N - DaimlerChrysler
70P - DaimlerChrysler
70Q - DaimlerChrysler
70R - DaimlerChrysler
70S - BASF
70T - Marathon Petroleum Co. LP
70U - Wacker Chemical Corp.

140 - Flint

140A - General Motors

189 - Kent, Ottawa, and Muskegon Counties

189A - Diesel Technology
189B - ESCO Co.
189C - Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

210 - St. Clair County (Port Huron and Marysville)

275 - Lansing

275A - GM


51 - Duluth

51A - MAPE USA, Inc.

119 - Minneapolis-St. Paul

119B - Uponor, Inc.
119D - Foremost Farms USA (formerly Wisconsin Dairies Cooperative) (Preston)
119E - Plastic Products
119F - Artesyn Technologies (Inc.)
119G - SICK, Inc.

259 - Koochiching County

259A - Arctic Cat, Inc.


92 - Harrison County

92A - Trinity Marine
92B - Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc.
92C - Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc.
92D - Chevron Corp.

158 - Vicksburg/Jackson

158C - Alliant Aerospace
158D - Nissan North America
158E - Ergon Refining, Inc.
158F - Max Home, LLC

262 - Southaven


15 - Kansas City

15A - Ford
15C - Yulshin USA Ltd.
15D - Bayer Corporation
15E - Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing
15G - Pfizer, Inc.
15H - Midwest Quality Gloves, Inc.

102 - St. Louis

102B - General Motors
102C - Florsheim Shoe Co.
102D - Bayer Cropscience LP

225 - Springfield


88 - Great Falls

187 - Toole County (Sweetgrass area)

274 - Butte-Silver Bow


19 - Omaha

19A - Syngenta Crop Protection

59 - Lincoln

59A - Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., U.S.A.
59B - CNH America, LLC


89 - Clark County (Las Vegas)

126 - Sparks

126A - Porsche Cars North America
126B - Taiyo America

New Hampshire

81 - Portsmouth

81A - Nashua
81C - CE Nuclear Power LLC, Westinghouse Electric Co.
81D - Millipore Corp.

New Jersey

44 - Morris County (Mount Olive)

44B - International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.
44E - L’Oreal USA, Inc.
44F - Tiffany & Co.

49 - Newark/Elizabeth

49B - General Motors
49C - Bristol-Myers Squibb
49D - Merck
49E - ConocoPhillips
49F - Chevron Corp.
49G - Hewlett-Packard
49H - Firmenich
49I - AZ Electronic Materials USA Corp.
49J - Movado Group
49K - In Mocean Group, LLC
49L - The Swatch Group (U.S.) Inc.

142 - Salem/Millville

142A - Paulsboro Refining Co. LLC
142B - NuStar Energy L.P.
142C - Sonoco, Inc. (R & M)

200 - Mercer County (West Trenton)

200A - Conair Corporation (East Windsor)

235 - Lakewood, New Jersey

New Mexico

110 - Albuquerque

110A - Catalent Pharma Solutions, LLC
110B - Louisiana Energy Services, LLC

197 - Dona Ana County (Las Cruces area)

New York

1 - New York City

1A - Pfizer, Inc.
1B - Bulova Corporation

23 - Buffalo

23C - Buffalo China, Inc.

34 - Niagara County (Niagara Falls)

37 - Orange County (New York)

37A - General Motors
37B - Bally, Inc.
37C - Schott Lithotec USA Corp.

52 - Suffolk County (New York)

52A - Festo Corporation

54 - Clinton County (Champlain Rouses Point)

90 - Onondaga County (Syracuse)

90A - Smith-Corona

109 - Watertown

109A - New York Air Brake Company

111 - JFK International Airport

118 - Ogdensburg

121 - Albany

121A - AMRI-Rensselear, Inc
121C - MPM Silicones, LLC

141 - Monroe County (Rochester)

141A - Eastman Kodak Company
141B - Xerox Corporation (Webster)
141D - Gleason Corporation

172 - Oneida County (Utica)

172A - Oneida Ltd. (Sherrill & Oneida)

North Carolina

57 - Mecklenburg County (Charlotte)

57A - International Business Machines (IBM)
57B - Volvo Construction Equipment
57C - DNP IMS America Corp.

66 - Wilmington

66B - Deere-Hitachi

67 - Morehead City

93 - Raleigh/Durham

93A - Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc.
93B - International Business Machines (IBM)
93C - Merck
93D - R.G. Barry Corporation (Goldsboro)
93E - Lucent Technologies, Inc. (Whitsett)
93G - Revlon Consumer Products Corporation
93H - Merck & Co., Inc.

214 - Lenoir County

214A - Consolidated Diesel
214B - Nacco Materials Handling Group, Inc.

230 - Piedmont Triad Area

230A - United Chemi-Con
230B - Unifi, Inc.
230C - Banner Pharmacaps, Inc.
230D - Klaussner Home Furnishings

North Dakota

103 - Grand Forks

103A - Imation Corp. (Wahpeton)

267 - Fargo


8 - Toledo

8A - Jeep
8B - DaimlerChrysler
8C - DaimlerChrysler
8E - Giant Products
8F - BP-Husky Refining, LLC
8G - Lima Refining Company
8H - Toledo Refining Company LLC

40 - Cleveland

40A - Ford
40B - General Motors
40C - Ford
40D - Lincoln Electric Company
40E - Mr. Coffee (Glenwillow)
40G - Ben Venue Laboratories, Inc. (Bedford)
40H - Motch Corporation

46 - Cincinnati

46A - General Electric Aircraft Engines
46B - Honda
46D - Honda
46E - Nine West Distribution Corporation

100 - Dayton

100A - GM
100B - Delphi Automotive Systems
100C - Behr Dayton Thermal Products, LLC
100D - Thor Industries, Inc.

101 - Clinton County (Dayton)

138 - Franklin County (Columbus)

138G - Abercrombie & Fitch

151 - Findlay

151A - Cooper Tire

181 - Akron-Canton

181A - Marathon Petroleum Company LP

264 - Washington County

270 - Lawrence County


53 - Rogers County (Tulsa)

53B - TEPPCP Crude Pipeline LP

106 - Oklahoma City

106A - General Motors
106C - Imation Enterprises Corp. (Weatherford)
106D - Xerox Corporation
106E - ConocoPhillips

164 - Muskogee

227 - Durant

227A - Valero Refining Company


45 - Portland

45A - Beall Pipe
45C - Alcatel Submarine Networks
45E - Tofle U.S.A., Inc. (Tualatin)
45F - Epson Portland, Inc.

132 - Coos County (Coos Bay)

184 - Klamath County (Klamath Falls)

206 - Medford – Jackson County

206A - Carestream Health, Inc.


24 - Pittston (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton)

24A - Olivetti Corporation (closed)
24B - Cherokee Pharmaceuticals, LLC

33 - Pittsburgh

33B - Verosol USA, Inc. (deactivated)
33C - Sony Technology Center-Pittsburgh
33D - Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
33E - DNP IMS America Corporation

35 - Philadelphia

35B - Merck
35C - Sunoco, Inc. (R&M)
35D - ConocoPhillips
35E - Aker Philadelphia Shipyard

147 - Reading

147A - C&J Clark America
147B - Souriau USA

247 - Erie

254 - Jefferson County

272 - Counties of Lehigh and Northampton

Puerto Rico

7 - Mayaguez

7C - Bristol-Myers Squibb
7D - Bristol-Myers Squibb
7E - E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co
7G - Schering-Plough Products
7H - Ortho Biologics, LLC
7I - Abbott Pharmaceuticals PR Ltd./Abbott Diagnostics International Ltd.
7J - Bristol Myers Squibb Holdings Pharma, Ltd.
7K - Lilly del Caribe, Inc.
7L - Patheon Puerto Rico, Inc.
7M - Amgen Manufacturing Limited

61 - San Juan

61A - Searle & Company
61B - Pfizer Pharmaceuticals LLC
61C - SB Pharmco Puerto Rico
61D - MSD International GmbH
61E - MSD International GmbH
61H - Baxter Healthcare
61I - Buckeye Caribbean Terminals, Inc.
61J - PepsiCo
61K - Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

163 - Ponce

Rhode Island

105 - Providence and North Kingstown

South Carolina

21 - Dorchester County

21A - Porsche
21C - Lanxess, Inc.
21D - William Powell Company dba Starflo Corp.
21E - Luigi Bormioli Corp.

38 - Spartanburg County

38A - BMW Manufacturing
38B - Borg Warner Automotive Powertrain Systems Corp.
38C - FUJIFILM Manufacturing USA
38D - Faurecia Interior Systems
38E - Black & Decker Corp.
38F - Benteler Automotive Corp.
38G - Kravet, Inc.
38H - Adidas America, Inc.
38I - Cornell Dubilier Marketing, Inc.

127 - West Columbia

127A - AUTECS, Inc. (Anderson) (deactivated)
127B - JBE, Inc.

South Dakota

220 - Sioux Falls


77 - Memphis

77A - Sharp Manufacturing Company of America
77B - Brother Industries (U.S.A.) Inc. (Bartlett)
77C - Komatsu America
77D - Black & Decker Corporation
77E - Cummins, Inc.

78 - Nashville

78A - Nissan
78E - Saturn
78G - Columbia Specialties, Inc. (Birmingham)
78H - Sanford LP

134 - Chattanooga

148 - Knoxville

148A - GlaxoSmithKline
148B - Cornell Doubilier Electronics, Inc.

204 - Tri-Cities

204A - Siemens Industrial

223 - Memphis


12 - McAllen

36 - Galveston

36A - Deepsea Flexibles
36B - M-I LLC

39 - Dallas/Fort Worth

39B - General Motors
39C - Sanden International (U.S.A.), Inc. (Wylie)
39E - Fossil Partners L.P. (Richardson)
39F - Zale Corporation
39G - Exel Global Logistics, Inc.
39H - American Eurocopter LLC
39I - Turbomeca USA
39K - Dal-Tile Corporation

62 - Brownsville

68 - El Paso

80 - San Antonio

80A - Bausch & Lomb, Inc.
80B - Colin Medical Instruments Corporation
80C - Friedrich Air Conditioning Company
80D - R.G. Barry Corporation (San Angelo)

84 - Harris County (Houston)

84C - DuPont
84E - Gulf Coast Maritime Supply, Inc. (Houston)
84F - Valero Refining
84H - Shaffer, Inc. (Harris County)
84I - Tuboscope Vetco International, Inc.
84J - Shell Oil Company (Harris County)
84K - Dril-Quip, Inc. (Houston)
84L - Tadiran Microwave Networks
84M - Hydril USA Manufacturing LLC
84N - Pasadena Refining System, Inc.
84O - EXXON Mobil
84P - Houston Refining LP
84Q - Equistar Chemicals
84R - Michelin North America, Inc.
84S - Academy Sport & Outdoors

94 - Laredo

95 - Starr County

96 - Eagle Pass

113 - Ellis County (Dallas/Fort Worth)

115 - Beaumont

115A - BASF Corporation
115B - EXXON Mobil

116 - Port Arthur

116A - Motiva Enterprises
116B - Total Petrochemicals USA
116C - Premcor Refining Group
116D - U.S. Department of Energy Strategic Petroleum Reserve

117 - Orange

122 - Corpus Christi

122C - BTB Refining , LLC
122D - Gulf Marine Fabricators
122E - Bay Ltd.
122H - TOR Minerals Int’l
122I - CITGO Refining & Chemicals Company LP
122J - Valero Refining Company-Texas
122K - Sherwin Alumina, LLC
122L - Flint Hills Resources LP
122M - Valero Three Rivers Refinery
122N - Equistar Chemicals LP (Nueces County)
122O - International Resistive Company
122P - Kiewit Offshore Services
122Q - Baker Hughes, Inc.
122R - Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

149 - Freeport

149A - BASF Corporation
149B - DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.
149C - ConocoPhillips
149D - Seaway Crude Pipeline
149E - BP Products North America
149F - Equistar Chemicals
149G - Dow Chemical Company

150 - El Paso

155 - Calhoun/Victoria Counties

155C - Alcoa

156 - Weslaco

165 - Midland

165A - WRB Refining LLC

168 - Dallas-Fort Worth

168A - B&F Systems
168B - Ultrak

171 - Liberty County (Cleveland)

183 - Austin

183A - Dell Computer Corporation
183B - Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC

196 - Fort Worth

199 - Texas City

199A - BP Products North America
199B - Marathon Petroleum Company  LP
199C - Valero Refining
199D - Seaway Crude Pipeline Company
199E - ISP Technologies

234 - Gregg County

234A - Eubank Manufacturing Enterprises, Inc.
234B - Letourneau, Inc.

246 - Waco

252 - Amarillo

258 - Bowie County

260 - Lubbock

265 - Conroe (Montgomery County)

265A - WLS Drilling Products, Inc.
265B - Sondex, L.P.
265C - Materials Science Technology, Inc.

269 - Athens


30 - Salt Lake City


55 - Burlington

55A - Pedigree
55B - PBM Nutritionals, LLC

268 - Brattleboro


20 - Suffolk (Norfolk-Newport News)

20B - Newport News Shipbuilding
20C - Western Refining Yorktown, Inc.
20D - Canon Virginia
20E - STIHL Incorporated

137 - Washington Dulles International Airport

185 - Culpeper County (Culpeper)

185C - Merck

207 - Richmond

207B - Hewlett-Packard Company
207C - A. Wimpfheimer & Bro., Inc.

238 - Dublin (Pulaski County)

238A - VF Corp.


5 - Seattle

85 - Everett

86 - Tacoma

86A - Tacoma Boatbuilding
86D - Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co.
86E - Panasonic Shikoku Electronics

120 - Cowlitz County (Longview)

120A - Shin-Etsu Handotai America, Inc.

128 - Whatcom County

129 - Bellingham

129A - BP West Coast Products LLC

130 - Blaine

131 - Sumas

173 - Grays Harbor County

173A - Lamb-Grays Harbor Company (Hoquiam)

203 - Moses Lake

203A - TK Holdings Inc.
203B - REC Silicon

212 - Tacoma, Washington

216 - Olympia

224 - Spokane

West Virginia

229 - Charleston

229A - Toyota Motor Manufacturing
229B - E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.

240 - Martinsburg (Berkeley County)


41 - Milwaukee

41A - AMC
41C - General Motors
41E - Bay Shipbuilding
41H - Mercury Marine
41I - CNH America, LLC

167 - Brown County (Green Bay)

167A - Robin Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. (Hudson)
167B - Polaris Industries, Inc. (Osceola)
167D - Marinette Marine Corporation

266 - Dane County


157 - Casper

Appendix IX - Units of measure

Units of Measure: Length

Unit name and Code

Millimetre - MMT
Centimetre - CMT
Decimetre - DMT
Metre - MTR
Hectometre - HMT
Kilometre - KMT
Megametre - MAM

Units of Measure: Area

Unit Name and Code

Square Millimetre - MMK
Square Centimetre - CMK
Square Decimetre - DMK
Square Metre - MTK
Square Kilometre - KMK

Units of Measure: Volume/Capacity

Unit Name and Code

Cubic Millimetre - MMQ
Cubic Centimetre - CMQ
Cubic Decimetre - DMQ
Cubic Metre. - MTQ
Thousand Cubic Metres - TMQ
Million Cubic Metres - HMQ
Millilitre - MLT
Centilitre - CLT
Decilitre - DLT
Litre - LTR
Hectolitre - HLT
Megalitre - MAL
Litre, Pure Alcohol - LPA
Hectolitre, Pure Alcohol - HPA

Units of Measure: Weight

Unit Name and Code

Metric Carat - CTM
Milligram - MGM
Gram - GRM
Hectogram - HGM
Kilogram - KGM
Kilogram of Named Substance - KNS
Kilogram – 90 Percent Air Dry - KSD
Deciton - DTN
Metric Ton - TNE
Kiloton - KTN

Units of Measure: Number

Unit Name and Code

Piece - PCE
Number - NMB
Hundred - CEN
Thousand - MIL
Million - MIO
Dozen - DZN
Score - SCO
Gross - GRO
Great Gross - GGR
Number of Packs - NAP
Pair - PAR
Dozen Pairs - DPR
Number of Parcels - NPL
Number of Sets - SET

Units of Measure: Other

Unit Name and Code

Joule - JOU
Kilojoule - KJO
Watt hour - WHR
Kilowatt-hour - KWH
Megawatt-hour - MWH
Gigawatt-hour - GWH
Watt - WTT
Kilowatt - KWT
Megawatt - MAW
Kilovolt-ampere - KVA
Megavolt-ampere - MVA
Curie - CCI
Millicurie - MCI

Appendix X – United States port of exit codes

Port and Code

Aberdeen-Hoquiam, WA - 3003
Addison Airport, Dallas, TX - 5584
Aguadilla, PR - 4901
Air Cargo Handling Services Inc - 2773
Air Cargo Handling Services, San Francisco, CA - 2871
Air France (Mach Plus), JFK Int’l Airport, NY - 4774
Airborne Express, @ SEATAC, WA - 3074
Akron, OH - 4112
Alameda, CA - 2813
Albany, NY - 1002
Albuquerque, NM - 2407
Alcan, AK - 3104
Alexandria, VA - 5402
Alexandria Bay, NY - 0708
Algonac, MI - 3814
Alitalia (AliExpress), JFK Int’l Airport, NY - 4777
Allentown (Lehigh Valley Int’l Airport), PA - 1119
Allentown – Bethlehem, PA - 1181
Alpena, MI - 3843
Amarillo, TX - 5502
Ambrose, ND - 3410
Anacortes, WA - 3010
Anchorage, AK - 3126
Andrade, CA - 2502
Annapolis, MD - 1301
Antler, ND - 3413
Arapahoe County Public Airport, NJ - 3384
Arkansas Aeroplex, Blythville, AR - 2083
Ashland, WI - 3511
Ashtabula/Conneaut, OH - 4122
Astoria, OR - 2901
Atlanta, GA - 1704
Atlantic City User Fee Airport, NJ - 1182
Austin, TX - 5506
Avion Brokers @ SEATAC, WA - 3072
Avondale, LA - 2012
Baltimore, MD - 1303
Bangor, ME - 0102
Bar Harbor, ME - 0112
Bath, ME - 0111
Baton Rouge, LA - 2004
Battle Creek, MI - 3805
Baudette, MN - 3424
Beaumont, TX - 2104
Beaufort – Morehead City, NC - 1511
Beecher Falls, VT - 0206
Belfast, ME - 0132
Bellingham, WA - 3005
Binghamton Regional Airport, NY - 0981
Birmingham, AL - 1904
Blaine, WA - 3004
Bluegrass Airport, Lexington, KY - 4184
Boca Grande, FL - 1807
Boise, ID - 2907
Boston, MA - 0401
Boundary, WA - 3015
Bridgeport, CT - 0410
Bridgewater, ME - 0127
Brownsville-Cameron, TX - 2301
Brunswick, GA - 1701
Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY - 0901
Burlington, VT - 0207
Burlington Air Express, OH - 4192
Butte, MT - 3305
BWI Airport - 1305
Calais, ME - 0115
Calexico, CA - 2503
Calexico-East, CA - 2507
Cambridge, MD - 1302
Camden, NJ - 1107
Cape Vincent, NY - 0706
Capital Region Int’l Airport, Lansing, MI - 3883
Capitan, CA - 2715
Carbury, ND - 3421
Carquinez Strait, CA - 2830
Champlain-Rouses Point, NY - 0712
Charleston, SC - 1601
Charlestown, WV - 1409
Charlotte, NC - 1512
Charlotte Amalie, VI - 5101
Chattanooga, TN - 2008
Chester, PA - 1102
Chicago, IL - 3901
Christiansted, VI - 5104
Cincinnati-Lawrenceburg, OH - 4102
Clayton, NY - 0714
Cleveland, OH - 4101
Columbia, SC - 1604
Columbia Snake River, OR - 2904
Columbus, NM - 2406
Columbus, OH - 4103
Coos Bay, OR - 2903
Coral Bay, VI - 5103
Corpus Christi, TX - 5312
Crisfield, MD - 1304
Crockett, CA - 2815
Cruz Bay, VI - 5102
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX - 5501
Dallas Love Field User Fee Airport, TX - 5588
Dalton Cache, AK - 3106
Danville, WA - 3012
Davenport, IA - 3908
Dayton, OH - 4104
Daytona Beach Airport, FL - 1884
Decatur User Fee Airport, Decatur, IL - 3985
Del Bonita, MT - 3322
Del Rio, TX - 2302
Denver, CO - 3307
Derby Line, VT - 0209
Des Moines, IA - 3513
Destrehan, LA - 2009
Detour City, MI - 3819
Detroit, MI - 3801
Detroit Metropolitan Airport, MI - 3807
DHL Airways, NY - 4772
DHL Worldwide Express, WA - 3073
DHL Worldwide Express, San Francisco, CA - 2870
DHL, Cincinnati, OH - 4197
DHL-HUB Riverside, CA - 2792
DHL, Los Angeles, CA - 2770
DHL, Miami, FL - 5296
Douglas, AZ - 2601
Duluth, MN - 3510
Dunseith, ND - 3422
Dupage Airport, IL - 3984
Durham, NC - 1503
Dworkin/Cosell Courier, JFK Int’l Airport, NY - 4775
Eagle County Regional Airport - 3385
Eagle Pass, TX - 2303
East Chicago, IN - 3904
Eastport, ID - 3302
Eastport, ME - 0103
Edinburg User Fee Airport, TX - 2381
El Paso, TX - 2402
Emery Courier, Dayton, OH - 4195
Emery Worldwide, JFK Int’l Airport, NY - 4773
Erie, PA - 4106
Escanaba, MI - 3808
Eureka, CA - 2802
Everett, WA - 3006
Fabens, TX - 2404
Fairbanks, AK - 3111
Fairport, OH - 4111
Fajardo, PR - 4904
Fall River, MA - 0407
Fargo, ND - 3411
Federal Express, Anchorage, AK - 3195
Federal Express, Memphis, TN - 2095
Federal Express, Oakland, CA - 2895
Federal Express, Indianapolis, IN - 4198
Federal Express Corp. - 4770
Federal Express Courier HUB Miami, FL - 5297
Fedex ECCF, NJ - 4671
Fernandina, FL - 1805
Ferry, WA - 3013
Ferrysburg, MI - 3844
Fort Fairfield, ME - 0107
Fort Kent, ME - 0110
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Int’l Airport, FL - 5210
Fort Meyers, FL - 1822
Fort Pierce, FL - 5205
Fort Wayne Airport, IN - 4183
Fort Worth Alliance Airport, TX - 5583
Fortuna, ND - 3417
Frederiksted, VI - 5105
Freeport, TX - 5311
Fresno, CA - 2803
Friday Harbour, WA - 3014
Front Royal, VA - 1410
Frontier, WA - 3020
Galveston, TX - 5310
Gary, IN - 3905
Gateway Freight Services Inc., CA - 2772
Georgetown, SC - 1602
Gloucester City, NJ - 1113
Gloucester, MA - 0404
Good Hope, LA - 2014
Gramercy, LA - 2010
Grand Forks, ND - 3427
Grand Haven, MI - 3816
Grand Portage, MN - 3613
Grand Rapids, MI - 3806
Grant County Airport, WA - 3082
Great Falls, MT - 3304
Greater Rockford Airport, Rockford, IL - 3909
Green Bay, WI - 3703
Greenville, MS - 2011
Greenville-Spartanburg, SC - 1603
Guayanilla, PR - 4912
Gulfport, MS - 1902
Hannah, ND - 3408
Hansboro, ND - 3415
Harrisburg, PA - 1109
Hartford, CT - 0411
Highgate Springs-Alburg, VT - 0212
Hidalgo, TX - 2305
Hilo, HI - 3202
Honolulu Int’l. Airport, HI - 3205
Honolulu Airport, HI - 3295
Honolulu, HI - 3201
Hopewell, VA - 1408
Houlton, ME - 0106
Houston Intercontl, TX - 5309
Houston, TX - 5301
Hulman Regional Airport, IN - 4185
Humacao, PR - 4906
Huntsville, AL - 1910
Huron, OH - 4117
IBC Courier HUB, FL - 5298
IBC Pacific, Burlingame, CA - 2873
IBC Pacific, CA - 2776
Indianapolis, IN - 4110
International Falls-Ranier, MN - 3604
International Courier Association, Los Angeles, CA - 5270
JFK International Airport, NY - 4701
Jackman, ME - 0104
Jacksonville, FL - 1803
Jobos, PR - 4911
Jonesport, ME - 0122
Juneau, AK - 3101
Kahului, HI - 3203
Kalama, WA - 2909
Kalispell Airport, MT - 3324
Kansas City, MO - 4501
Kenmore Air Harbor, WA - 3018
Ketchikan, AK - 3102
Key West, FL - 5202
Knoxville, TN - 2016
Kona, HI - 3206
L.G. Hanscom Field, MA - 0481
Lake Charles, LA - 2017
Lancaster, MN - 3430
Laredo, TX - 2304
Las Vegas, NV - 2722
Laurier, WA - 3016
Lawrence, MA - 0416
Lebanon Airport, NH - 0181
Leesburg Regional Airport, FL - 1887
Limestone, ME - 0118
Little Rock, N. Little Rock, AR - 2003
Logan Airport, Boston, MA - 0417
Long Beach, CA - 2709
Longview, WA - 2905
Lorain, OH - 4121
Los Angeles, CA - 2704
Los Angeles, CA - 2791
Los Angeles International Airport, CA - 2720
Louisville, KY - 4115
Lubbock, TX - 5503
Lukeville, AZ - 2602
Lynden, WA - 3023
Mackinac Island, MI - 3820
Madawaska, ME - 0109
Maida, ND - 3416
Manchester User Fee Airport, Manchester, NH - 0182
Manitowoc, WI - 3706
Marinette, WI - 3702
Marquette, MI - 3809
Martinez, CA - 2820
Massena, NY - 0704
Mayagues, PR - 4907
Meadows Field Airport, CA - 2786
Medford-Jackson County Airport, Medford, OR - 2982
Melbourne Regional Airport, FL - 1885
Melville, RI - 0503
Memphis, TN - 2006
Metaline Falls, WA - 3025
Miami Int’l Airport, Cargo Facilities Service Inc., FL - 5272
Miami Int’l Airport, FL - 5206
Miami, FL - 5201
Midamerican Airport, IL - 4581
Midland International Airport, TX - 5582
Milwaukee, WI - 3701
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - 3501
Minot Airport, ND - 3434
Mobile, AL - 1901
Monterey, CA - 2805
Morgan City, LA - 2001
Morgan, MT - 3319
Morristown Airport, Newark, NJ - 4681
Morro Bay, CA - 2719
Muskegon, MI - 3815
Myrtle Beach Int’l Airport, Myrtle Beach, SC - 1681
Naco, AZ - 2603
Naples Municipal User Fee Airport, FL - 1880
Nashville, TN - 2007
Natrona County Int’l Airport, WY - 3382
Nawiliwili-Port Allen, HI - 3204
Neah Bay, WA - 3027
Nech, ND - 3404
New Bedford, MA - 0405
New Haven, CT - 0412
New London, CT - 0413
New Orleans, LA - 2002
New River Valley Airport, Dublin, VA - 1412
New York, NY - 1001
Newark, NJ - 4601
Newport, OR - 2902
Newport, RI - 0501
Newport News, VA - 1402
Nighthawk, WA - 3011
Nippon Courier Hub, Chicago, IL - 3991
Nogales, AZ - 2604
Noonan, ND - 3420
Norfolk, VA - 1401
Northgate, ND - 3406
Norton, VT - 0211
Noyes, MN - 3402
NYACC, Jamaica, NY - 4771
Oakland, CA - 2811
Oakland Pontiac Airport, Detroit, MI - 3881
Ocala Regional Airport, FL - 1886
Ogdensburg, NY - 0701
Oklahoma City, OK - 5504
Olympia, WA - 3026
Omaha, NE - 3512
Ontario Int’l Airport, CA - 2721
Opheim, MT - 3317
Orange, TX - 2103
Orlando, FL - 1808
Orlando Executive Airport, FL - 1888
Orlando-Sanford Airport, FL - 1809
Oroville, WA - 3019
Oswego, NY - 0904
Otay Mesa Station, CA - 2506
Owensboro-Evansville, KY - 4116
Pal-Waukee Municipal Airport, IL - 3983
Palm Springs Regional Airport, CA - 2781
Panama City, FL - 1818
Pascagoula, MS - 1903
Paulsboro, NJ - 1105
Pembina, ND - 3401
Pensacola, FL - 1819
Peoria, IL - 3902
Perth Amboy, NJ - 4602
Petersburg, AK - 3112
Philadelphia Int’l Airport, PA - 1108
Philadelphia, PA - 1101
Phoenix, AZ - 2605
Piegan, MT - 3316
Pinecreek, MN - 3425
Pittsburgh, PA - 1104
Plymouth, MA - 0406
Point Roberts, WA - 3017
Ponce, PR - 4908
Port Angeles, WA - 3007
Port Arthur, TX - 2101
Port Canaveral, FL - 1816
Port Everglades, FL - 5203
Port Hueneme, CA - 2713
Port Huron, MI - 3802
Port Lavaca, TX - 5313
Port Manatee,FL - 1821
Port San Luis, CA - 2707
Port Sulphur, LA - 2005
Port Townsend, WA - 3008
Portal, ND - 3403
Porthill, ID - 3308
Portland, ME - 0101
Portland Int’l Airport, OR - 2910
Portsmouth, NH - 0131
Presidio, TX - 2403
Presque Isle, MI - 3842
Progresso, TX - 2309
Providence, RI - 0502
Provincetown, MA - 0409
Racine, WI - 3708
Raymond, MT - 3301
Redwood City, CA - 2821
Reidsville, NC - 1506
Reno, NV - 2833
Richford, VT - 0203
Richmond, CA - 2812
Richmond-Petersburg, VA - 1404
Rio Grande City, TX - 2307
Rochester, NY - 0903
Rockland, ME - 0121
Rogers City, MI - 3818
Roma, TX - 2310
Roosville, MT - 3318
Roseau, MN - 3426
Sabine, TX - 2102
Sacramento Int’l Airport, CA - 2835
Saginaw/Bay City, Flint, MI - 3804
Salem, MA - 0408
Salt Lake City, UT - 3303
San Antonio, TX - 5507
San Bernadino Int’l Airport, Los Angeles, CA - 2782
San Diego, CA - 2501
San Francisco, CA - 2809
San Francisco Int’l Airport, CA - 2801
San Joaquin River, CA - 2828
San Jose Int’l Airport, San Francisco, CA - 2834
San Juan Int’l Airport, PR - 4913
San Juan, PR - 4909
San Luis, AZ - 2608
San Pablo Bay, CA - 2829
San Ysidro, CA - 2504
Sand Point, AK - 3125
Santa Teresa Airport, NM - 2481
Santa Teresa, NM - 2408
Sarasota-Bradenton Airport, FL - 1883
Sarles, ND - 3409
Sasabe, AZ - 2606
Sault Ste. Marie, MI - 3803
Savannah, GA - 1703
Scobey, MT - 3309
Searsport, ME - 0152
Seattle, WA - 3001
Seattle-Tacoma Int’l Airport, WA - 3029
Segundo, CA - 2711
Selby, CA - 2827
Sheboygan, WI - 3707
Sherwood, ND - 3414
Shreveport-Bossier City, LA - 2018
Sioux Falls, SD - 3502
Sitka, AK - 3115
Skagway, AK - 3103
Sodus Point, NY - 0905
Spirit of St. Louis Airport, MO - 4506
Spokane, WA - 3022
Springfield, MA - 0402
Springfield, MO - 4505
St. Albans, VT - 0201
St. John, ND - 3405
St. Joseph, MO - 4502
St. Petersburg, FL - 1814
St. Rose, LA - 2013
Stockton, CA - 2810
Sugar Land Regional Airpor - 5381
Suisan Bay, CA - 2831
Sumas, WA - 3009
Sweetgrass, MT - 3310
Swift Sure Courier Services Limited, NY - 0972
Swiss Air (Skyracer), JFK Int’l Airport, NY - 4776
Syracuse, NY - 0906
Tacoma, WA - 3002
Tampa, FL - 1801
Tecate, CA - 2505
Texas City, TX - 5306
TNT Express Consignment, IL - 3971
TNT Express LAX, CA - 2775
TNT Skypak, NY - 4778
TNT Skypak, Buffalo, NY - 0971
TNT Skypak, San Francisco, CA - 2872
Toledo, OH - 4105
Trenton/Mercer County User Fee Airport, NJ - 1183
Tri-City User Fee Airport, Bountville, TN - 2027
Trout River, NY - 0715
Tucson, AZ - 2609
Tulsa, OK - 5505
Turner, MT - 3306
UPS - 4670
UPS Courier Hub, Miami, FL - 5295
UPS Courier Hub, Philadelphia, PA - 1195
UPS Courier Hub, Seattle, WA - 3095
UPS, Miami Int’l Airport, FL - 5273
UPS, Anchorage, AK - 3196
UPS, Honolulu, HI - 3295
UPS, Louisville, KY - 4196
UPS, Newark, NJ - 1069
UPS, Ontario, CA - 2795
UPS, Seattle, WA - 3071
Utica, NY - 0907
Valdez, AK - 3107
Valley Int’l Airport, TX - 2383
Van Buren, ME - 0108
Vanceboro, ME - 0105
Vancouver, WA - 2908
Ventura, CA - 2712
Vicksburg, MS (including Jackson Municipal Airport) - 2015
Virgin Atlantic Cargo, CA - 2774
Walhalla, ND - 3407
Warroad, MN - 3423
Washington, DC - 5401
Waukegan Airport, Waukegan, IL - 3981
West Palm Beach, FL - 5204
Westhope, ND - 3419
Whitetail, MT - 3312
Whitlash, MT - 3321
Wichita, KS - 4504
Wildhorse, MT - 3323
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA - 1106
Williston Aiport, ND - 3433
Willow Creek, MT - 3325
Willow Run Airport, MI - 3882
Wilmington, DE - 1103
Wilmington, NC - 1501
Winston-Salem, NC - 1502
Worchester, MA - 0403
Wrangell, AK - 3105
Yakima Air Terminal, Yakima, WA - 3081

Appendix XI – Border Information Service (BIS)

The Border Information Service (BIS) is a 24-hour telephone service that automatically answers all incoming calls and provides general border services information. You can access BIS free of charge in Canada by calling 1-800-461-9999. If you are calling from outside Canada, you can access BIS by calling 204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064 (long distance charges apply). If you call during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. local time, Monday to Friday, except holidays), you can speak directly to an agent by pressing "0" at any time.