Courier Low Value Shipment Program

Notice: Moratorium

The CBSA has placed a moratorium on applications for participation in the Courier Low Value Shipment Program effective , until further notice. For additional information regarding the moratorium please see Customs Notice 19-12.

In this section

The CBSA's Courier Low Value Shipment (CLVS) Program is intended to help simplify the process to import low value goods. The program streamlines the customs processing of shipments valued at Can$2,500 or less and provides the courier industry with expedited release.

How does this program affect me?

Your shipment may be part of the CLVS Program if:

What do I need to know?

Prohibited, regulated or controlled goods

Prohibited, regulated or controlled goods are not allowed in the CLVS Program.

  • Prohibited goods include items such as child pornography, hate propaganda, dangerous materials, and offensive weapons.

If prohibited goods are discovered in your shipment, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will seize and dispose of the goods, and you may face criminal charges.

For more information on prohibited goods, please see the following links:

Contact the appropriate federal department to find out what documentation, if any, you may need if the goods you intend to receive by courier are regulated.

  • Controlled goods include such items as firearms, narcotics, and items made from endangered plant and animal species (D19 Memoranda series).  

These goods are subject to import controls. If the goods have been properly declared, the CBSA holds these items and informs the courier that will, in turn, inform you that you need proper import documents before the CBSA can release the goods. If you cannot provide the proper documents and if you agree to abandon the goods, the CBSA will dispose of them or, if possible, return them to the sender.

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