Helpful Tips!

Here are a few tips for to assist you in your search of the Directory of CBSA offices and services.

Getting started

In order to start finding an office, you can browse by province or by service. Select either the province you want, or select the particular service you want. You will then be presented with an interactive map and list of offices that match your choice.

Getting more details about an office

You can find out detailed information about an office by either selecting its name in the list or by selecting its red pin on the map, followed by selecting its name in the pop-up bubble.

Using the left hand menu

Use the left hand menu to choose different provinces or services.

Starting over

Whenever you want to go back to the home page of the directory, select the "Directory of CBSA Offices and Services" breadcrumb link near the top of the page. You can also return to CBSA's home page by selecting the "Home".

Finding out more about services

On the main page, you can select "List of Services", under "Other Information", to see a description of each service offered along with links to additional information.

Using the Interactive Map

Zoom in and out

Use the plus and minus icons on the screen, or the mouse wheel, or the plus and minus keys on the keyboard to zoom in and out. The world icon always zooms out to the top level.

Slide the map

Use the on screen arrows, or hold the left mouse key while your curser is on the map and drag the mouse, or use the arrow keys on the keyboard to slide the map around. Note though that the top level, most zoomed out map cannot be moved.

Zoom in faster

Hold the "Shift" button, then press and hold the left mouse key while your curser is on the map. You will be able to draw a red square over the selected area. Once you release the mouse key and "Shift" button, the map will zoom to the selected area.

Selecting the red pins

A red pin indicates a CBSA office. Select the red pins you are interested in viewing. Information about this location will appear on the map.

Green circles

Green circles indicate groups of offices, or groups of red pins. The number in the circle indicates how many offices or red pins are in the group. Zoom in to make the offices or red pins appear in order to select one.

Using the List of Offices Below the Map

Show more entries

At the top right of the List of Offices, you're able to select and view more than 25 offices and up to 100 offices. This allows you to customize it to your preference.

Number of pages

At the bottom of the table, you'll see a few numbers. These are the page numbers. Use them to navigate to each page of the list of offices.

Sort the list

Clicking on a column header will sort the list by that column. You can sort in ascending (low to high) or descending (high to low) order. By default the list is sorted by Name in ascending (A to Z) order.


You can filter or search through the list by entering a keyword in the text box located at the top of the table.

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