Non-Terminal Office (NTO)

The CBSA does not accept electronic release or accounting data for commercial transactions at these offices.

Green circles indicate groups of offices, or groups of red pins. The number in the circle indicates how many offices or red pins are in the group. Zoom in to make the offices or red pins appear in order to select one.

A red pin indicates a CBSA office. Select the red pins you are interested in viewing. Information about this location will appear on the map.

List of Offices

Name Province
Chief Mountain Alberta
Wild Horse Alberta
Carson British Columbia
Chopaka British Columbia
Midway British Columbia
Cartwright Manitoba
Coulter Manitoba
Crystal City Manitoba
Goodlands Manitoba
Gretna Manitoba
Lena Manitoba
Lyleton Manitoba
Piney Manitoba
Snowflake Manitoba
South Junction Manitoba
Sprague Manitoba
Tolstoi Manitoba
Windygates Manitoba
Winkler Manitoba
Bloomfield New Brunswick
Forest City New Brunswick
Fosterville New Brunswick
Four Falls New Brunswick
River de Chute New Brunswick
St. Stephen (Ferry Point Bridge) New Brunswick
Glen Sutton Quebec
Stanstead (Beebe) Quebec
Stanstead (Rte 143) Quebec
Carievale Saskatchewan
Climax Saskatchewan
Coronach Saskatchewan
Estevan Highway Saskatchewan
Monchy Saskatchewan
Northgate Saskatchewan
Oungre Saskatchewan
Torquay Saskatchewan
West Poplar River Saskatchewan
Willow Creek Saskatchewan
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