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We are happy to provide general information on CBSA programs, services and initiatives. In return, we ask that you be relevant and respectful when interacting with us.

We cannot answer questions dealing with specific personal or business cases, nor can we process third party requests.

Phone and email scam

Did you receive a telephone call or an email claiming to be from the CBSA indicating a parcel has been received and requesting a payment? This is a scam!


We will not open emails that include attachments, nor will we open any links provided in an email.


The Border Information Service (BIS) is an automated telephone service that provides general information in English or French on CBSA programs, services and initiatives through recorded scripts.

Officers are available Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (local time) except holidays, should callers require additional information.

Within Canada


TTY (for those with hearing or speech impairments)

Outside Canada

Long distance charges apply

Recorded menu options

From a rotary-dial phone, you will be automatically transferred to an officer at the end of the recorded menu if you call during business hours.

When using a touch-tone phone, you must choose one of the following four options before pressing 0 to speak to an officer.

  1. Personal travel
  2. Business importation/exportation
  3. Exchange rates
  4. Coming or returning to Canada

You can use the following commands at any time during the recorded message.

  • Press "star" * to return to the previous menu
  • Press "pound" # to repeat the message

Service standards

  • Service description: Provide the option to speak with a BIS agent by pressing 0 during regular business hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (local time) excluding holidays.
  • Service standard: BIS agents will aim to answer calls within 60 seconds from the moment the client presses 0 to speak with an agent.
  • Performance target: 80%
  • Performance result for fiscal year 2017-2018: The BIS agents answered 293,713 calls and met the service standard 78.5% of the time.

For more information on all service standards and performance results for previous years, refer to the CBSA Service Standards.

Mailing address

Canada Border Services Agency
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0L8

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