Canadians and Permanent Residents

Upcoming border changes

Fully vaccinated foreign nationals may be allowed to enter Canada for discretionary travel on the following dates if they meet specific criteria:

  • Effective : American citizens and permanent residents of the United States, who currently reside in the United States, who meet specific criteria to qualify as fully vaccinated
  • (intended start date): All other foreign nationals who qualify as fully vaccinated

The 3-night hotel stopover requirement will be eliminated for all travellers arriving by air after 12:01 am ET on .

COVID-19: Latest update

Visit Current border measures and requirements for information about how COVID-19 is affecting travellers, border services, programs and business.

Information for Canadian citizens and permanent residents concerning how we manage our border services.

Coming to Canada

  • I declare
    Returning to live in Canada following international travel of less than one year
  • Moving or returning to Canada
    • entering Canada with the intention of establishing, for the first time, a residence for one year or more (in the Customs Tariff, such a person is referred to as a "settler");
    • a former resident, moving back to Canada to resume residence after a continuous absence of one year or more, or after being a resident of another country for a period of one year or more.

Importing (personal)

Travelling for business

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