D Memoranda
D8 - Remissions and Temporary Importation

Note: Memoranda marked "Non-CBSA" may contain outdated information.

Number Date
D8-1-1 Revised
Administration of Temporary Importation (Tariff Item No. 9993.00.00) Regulations
D8-1-2 2013-03-15 International Events and Convention Services Program (IECSP)
D8-1-4 2015-08-07 Administrative Procedures Related to Form E29B, Temporary Admission Permit
D8-1-7 2015-02-12 Use of A.T.A. Carnets and Canada/Chinese Taipei Carnets for the Temporary Admission of Goods
D8-1-9 2015-09-08 Application of the Imported Demonstration Aircraft Remission Order
D8-2-1 2015-06-25 Canadian Goods Abroad Program
D8-2-2 2000-11-29 Non-CBSA
Postal Imports Remission Order
D8-2-3 2015-06-04 Application of the Non-commercial Importations Remission Order
D8-2-4 2015-09-08 Canadian Goods Abroad Program – Emergency Repairs
D8-2-5 2015-09-16 Application of the Foreign Aircraft Servicing Equipment Remission Order
D8-2-6 2015-04-09 The Outward Processing Remission Order (Textiles and Apparel) Program
D8-2-8 2016-09-22 Samples of Negligible Value (Tariff Items 9990.00.00 and 9991.00.00)
D8-2-9 2015-10-15 Tariff Item No. 9815.00.00 – Charitable Goods
D8-2-10 2015-09-08 Goods Returning to Canada Having Been Repaired Outside of Canada
D8-2-11 2015-09-02 Goods Returning to Canada After Being Altered or Worked on Outside Canada
D8-2-14 2015-11-30 Tariff Item 9936.00.00 Apparel Samples
D8-2-15 2014-08-20 Administration of the Representational Gifts Remission Order
D8-2-16 Revised
Courier Imports Remission
D8-2-19 2015-03-16 Application of the Investigation Drugs, Placebos and Emergency Drugs Remission Order
D8-2-21 2013-09-09 Instructions Pertaining to the Aircraft (International Service) Remission Order
D8-2-23 1998-04-30 Cancelled - 2017-02-02
D8-2-25 2015-03-20 Canadian Vessels Repaired or Altered in the United States, Mexico, Chile, Israel or Another CIFTA Beneficiary, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Jordan, Panama, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Norway
D8-2-26 2015-09-08 Goods Re-entered After Repair or Alteration in the United States, Mexico, Chile, Israel, or Another CIFTA Beneficiary
D8-2-27 2016-09-07 Canadian Goods, Originating in Canada or Accounted for, Temporarily Exported and Returned
D8-3-1 2014-01-16 Administration of the Advertising Material Remission Order
D8-3-2 2016-01-08 Tariff Item 9831.00.00 and the Exposed and Processed Film and Recorded Video Tape Remisssion Order
D8-3-6 Revised
Tariff Item 9905.00.00 and the Passover Products Remission Order
D8-3-7 2015-09-24 Administration of the Printed Material for Foreign Carriers Remission Order
D8-3-8 2015-06-24 Canadian Civil Aircraft, Canadian Aircraft Engines and Flight Simulators Repaired Abroad
D8-3-11 2014-03-04 Tariff Item 9832.00.00 Coffins or Caskets
D8-3-15 2014-02-03 Application of the Computer Carrier Media Remission Order
D8-3-16 2013-09-18 Instructions Pertaining to the Systems Software Development Contract Remission Order
D8-4-1 2014-11-18 Information Pertaining to Remission Orders
D8-4-2 2017-02-15 Reporting and Summary Accounting of Vehicle Repairs by Highway Carriers
D8-9-3 2001-05-10 Non-CBSA
Defence Supplies and Defence Production and Development Sharing Arrangements Between Canada and the United States
D8-11-1 2014-11-04 Application of the Tailored Collar Shirts Remission Order, 1997
D8-11-2 2014-11-05 Application of the Outwear Greige Fabrics Remissions Order, 1998
D8-11-3 2014-11-05 Application of the Shirting Fabrics Remission Order, 1998
D8-11-4 2014-11-06 Application of the Outwear Apparel Remission Order, 1998
D8-11-5 2014-11-13 Application of the Blouses, Shirts and Co-ordinates Remission Order, 1998
D8-11-6 2014-11-13 Application of the Outwear Fabrics Remission Order, 1998
D8-11-7 2014-11-13 CBSA Policy on the Transfer of Entitlement Pursuant to the Textile and Apparel Remission Orders
D8-11-8 2015-12-18 Administration of the Designer Remission Order, 2001
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