Release of Personal Effects of Canadian Armed Forces Personnel
Memorandum D2-3-4

Ottawa, February 22, 2005

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In Brief

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This Memorandum outlines the procedure for the release of in-bond personal effects shipped in advance by Canadian Armed Forces personnel.

Guidelines and General Information

1. When personal effects are shipped in bond, in advance, by a returning member of the Canadian Armed Forces, that member may prepare a Power of Attorney in the form outlined in the Appendix, and forward it to the Unit Commander or Transportation Officer at the establishment to which the member has been posted. It may not be possible in every instance for the member of the Canadian Armed Forces to give the name of the Commander or Transportation Officer. In such cases the relevant lines on the Power of Attorney should be left blank. The Commander or Transportation Officer concerned will complete the form by adding his or her name and rank.

2. On presentation to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) of Form E29B, Temporary Admission Permit, the effects will be released into the care and custody of the Department of National Defence and held in a designated area, approved by the CBSA, pending the arrival of the owner. Form E29B will be signed by the Commander or Transportation Officer holding the Power of Attorney, who will then give the copies of the permit to the owner when the owner arrives to take possession of the shipment. The owner will then report to the CBSA office and present these copies, which will be cancelled by Form B4, Personal Effects Accounting Document.

3. For further information on tariff item No. 9805.00.00, see Memorandum D2-3-2, Former Residents of Canada – Tariff Item No. 9805.00.00.


Power of Attorney

Short Form of Power of Attorney for Temporary Importation of Household and Personal Effects of Canadian Armed Forces Personnel

Commander or Transportation Officer (Name and Rank) of (Unit) is authorized to act on my behalf at the CBSA office at (location) and obtain the temporary importation of the following shipment of personal and household effects. I hereby certify that, as of this date, all goods contained in this shipment with the exceptions reported below meet the ownership, possession, and use requirements specified in tariff item No. 9805.00.00. A true and complete accounting in respect of these goods will be made by me when I return to Canada to resume residence.



Dated at (location) on (date)


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