D Memoranda
D2 - International Travel

Note: Memoranda marked "Non-CBSA" may contain outdated information.

Number Date
D2-1-1 Revised
Temporary Importation of Baggage and Conveyances by Non-residents
D2-1-2 2017-03-20 Foreign Scientific or Exploratory Expeditions in Canada
D2-1-4 Revised
Casual Donations – Tariff Item No. 9816.00.00
D2-1-5 2015-11-18 Bequests - Tariff Item no. 9806.00.00
D2-2-1 2010-05-04 Settlers' Effects – Tariff Item No. 9807.00.00
D2-2-2 2015-11-13 Settlers' Effects Acquired With Blocked Currencies
D2-2-3 Revised
Seasonal Residents’ Effects - Tariff Item No. 9829.00.00
D2-3-1 2013-04-30 Personal Exemptions for Residents Returning to Canada
D2-3-2 2012-05-29 Former Residents of Canada – Tariff Item No. 9805.00.00
D2-3-4 2005-02-22 Release of Personal Effects of Canadian Armed Forces Personnel
D2-3-5 2010-03-22 Shore Leave for Canadian Crew Members on Canadian Flag Ships
D2-3-6 Revised
Non-commercial Provincial Tax Collection Programs
D2-3-7 2017-08-17 Marine Operations — Canada Border Services Agency Processing of Cruise Ships
D2-4-1 Revised
Temporary Importation of Conveyances by Residents of Canada
D2-5-0 2007-08-30 Legislative Requirements for the Presentation of Persons at a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Office
D2-5-1 Revised
Charter Access to Airports
D2-5-2 2015-09-24 Facilities for Passengers Transiting at Canadian International Airports
D2-5-3 2015-02-24 Travellers Requiring Mobility Assistance at Canadian International Airports
D2-5-5 2015-02-25 Progressive Clearance at Airports
D2-5-6 2015-02-25 Aircrew Reporting
D2-5-7 2003-11-05 Non-CBSA
E311 Customs Declaration Card, and Multilingual Leaflet CE311, Translation of the Customs Declaration Card
D2-5-11 Revised
Guidelines for commercial air carriers for the processing of prescribed traveller information
D2-5-12 Revised
Telephone Reporting for General Aviation and Private Boats
D2-5-13 Revised
International to Domestic Connections Process
D2-6-1 2017-07-05 Residential Status of Travellers Arriving in Canada
D2-6-3 2017-06-08 Disposition of Alcoholic Beverages
D2-6-4 2015-11-13 Travellers' Baggage Procedures
D2-6-5 2015-11-13 Documentation of Goods for Temporary Exportation
D2-6-6 1985-08-28 Non-CBSA
Co-operation With Statistics Canada
D2-6-7 Revised
Use of Form BSF241, Non-monetary General Receipt
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