D Memoranda
D1 - General

Number Date
D1-2-1 2008-09-17 Special Services
D1-3-1 2008-10-09 Fees for Information and Records
D1-4-1 2013-03-01 CBSA Invoice Requirements
D1-6-1 2016-01-28 Authority to Act as Agent
D1-7-1 2008-10-07 Posting Security for Transacting Bonded Operations
D1-8-1 Revised
Licensing of Customs Brokers
D1-8-3 2013-11-07 Canada Border Services Agency Customs Brokers Professional Examination
D1-16-3 Revised
Guidelines for the access to, use, and disclosure of advance passenger information (API), passenger name record (PNR) data and pre-departure air exit information
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