Free and Secure Trade
About the Free and Secure Trade Program

FAST interviews have resumed at land enrolment centres in Canada and in the U.S.

All conditionally-approved applicants wishing to schedule interviews can do so through the Trusted Traveller Programs scheduler.

For an update on the status of your application, check your account on the Trusted Traveller Programs System. You are encouraged to renew your membership before the expiry date to retain your membership privileges.


FAST is a joint program between the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and United States Customs and Border Protection (U.S. CBP) that enhances border and trade chain security while making cross-border commercial shipments simpler and subject to fewer delays.

It is a voluntary program that enables the CBSA to work closely with the private sector to enhance border security, combat organized crime and terrorism, and prevent contraband smuggling. Under the U.S. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, FAST members who are Canadian or U.S. citizens can use their FAST membership card as an alternative document to the passport when entering the U.S. by land or water. Permanent residents of Canada or the U.S. still require a passport and visa (if applicable) to enter the U.S.

FAST into Canada

The CBSA offers members of its Trusted Trader programs access to dedicated FAST lanes and booths at designated ports of entry for expedited border passage. FAST builds on the Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program and the increased security measures under the Partners in Protection (PIP) program. To use FAST lanes into Canada, carriers and importers must be authorized under the PIP program or both the CSA and PIP program. The driver must have a valid FAST card or Commercial Driver Registration Program (CDRP) card.

Note: CDRP cards were first created to handle CSA shipments before FAST was established. The CDRP is a Canadian program and therefore its membership cards are only valid for coming into Canada. FAST is a joint initiative between the U.S. and Canada so its driver membership cards are recognized on both sides of the border.

FAST into the U.S.

Any truck using FAST lanes must be a U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism FAST-approved carrier and transporting qualifying goods for a FAST-approved importer. The driver must have a valid FAST card.

How it works

All FAST program participants (drivers, carriers and importers) must undergo a risk assessment. FAST-approved participants are identified as low risk, which enables the CBSA to focus its resources and security efforts on travellers of high or unknown risk.

When a FAST-approved driver arrives at the border, he or she presents three bar-coded documents to the border services officer (one for each of the participating parties: the driver, the carrier and the importer). The officer can quickly scan the bar codes while all trade data declarations and verifications are done at a later time, away from the border.

Under FAST, eligible goods arriving for approved companies and transported by approved carriers using registered drivers are cleared into Canada or the U.S. with greater speed and certainty, which reduces costs for FAST participants.

The CBSA also offers its members the FAST-1st option at select ports of entry. It gives eligible commercial vehicles priority access to all open inspection booths to reduce congestion at the border. Only FAST eligible vehicles carrying trusted trader shipments can use the dedicated FAST lane.

Traffic lights control traffic flow and prioritize FAST vehicles. Upon receiving a green light, commercial drivers may select whichever available inspection booth has the shortest queue, rather than being directed to a specific FAST or non FAST booth. Based on the system currently in operation for south-bound commercial traffic at the port, FAST-1st will improve border efficiency for all CBSA clients.

Check FAST locations to see where FAST-1st is available.

How to use the FAST card

You can cross the border as a FAST member using a dedicated FAST lane only if everyone in the vehicle has a valid FAST commercial driver card and you are transporting eligible goods for a FAST-approved carrier and importer.

The following procedures apply when using dedicated FAST lanes:

Travel documents

While your FAST membership is valid for five years, it is important to remember that your immigration status must also be valid at all times. You must possess the appropriate immigration and identity documents in addition to your FAST commercial driver card. These may include your passport, permanent resident card, birth certificate, work permit/visa and other related documents.

Declaring goods

As a FAST commercial driver, you must declare all personal and commercial goods you are importing whenever you cross the border into Canada and the U.S.

FAST-eligible goods

To qualify for the streamlined FAST process, goods imported into Canada must meet these conditions:

Canadians returning to Canada

U.S. residents entering Canada

Canadians entering the U.S.

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