Customs Self Assessment Program
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CSA-eligible Goods

CSA-eligible goods include commercial goods that are shipped directly from the United States or Mexico and delivered to an authorized importer, owner or consignee.

Goods that are subject to other government department or provincial regulations and therefore require a permit, licence or other similar document to be provided to the CBSA before the goods can be released are not eligible under the CSA program.


As with all other commercial goods entering Canada, shipments cleared through the CSA process may be examined at the border. However, since CSA-approved participants have been pre-approved and deemed to be low risk, their shipments should be examined less frequently than those of non-CSA-approved participants.

In this way, border services officers can focus more time on shipments of higher and unknown risk.

Rights and Responsibilities

CSA-approved participants that contravene any legislation or regulation are subject to penalties under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System or they might be removed from the program or face other enforcement actions, depending on the severity of the infraction.

It is important that members of the import trade community understand their rights and obligations and exercise them accordingly.

Post-verification Audits

CSA-approved importers and carriers are subject to post-audit verifications. CBSA senior program officers will monitor the results of such activities and the compliance record of approved clients.

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