Commercial reporting requirements
Important information when corresponding with the CBSA about ACI compliance matters

We, at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), are required to correspond with you, the carriers, if we have questions regarding your Advance Commercial Information (ACI). In many cases, you may have private business arrangements with a third party (e.g. agent, service provider) who transmits ACI information to the Agency on your behalf. For this reason, we may include third parties in our communications efforts, where applicable, and with your authorization.

In all instances of specific ACI non-compliance, we have a legal obligation to send communication directly to you. Specifically, we will communicate directly with the contact we have on file regarding Notice of Penalty Assessments (NPAs).

If you would like a third party to be included in follow-up correspondence, we will continue to include the identified third party on all ongoing correspondence relevant to the specific event of non-compliance, unless you instruct us otherwise. This practice will ensure that information is shared with the correct third party, particularly for carriers who make use of multiple third parties.

As well, all instances of non-compliance which lead to an assessment of an Administrative Monetary Penalty (AMP), in addition to delivering the formal NPA through registered mail or courier service directly to the carrier, we will simultaneously notify an authorized third party (designated by you, the carrier) of the penalty via email.

Terminating communication with third parties

At any point in the process, you may instruct us to terminate communication with a third party which you have previously identified on a specific instance of non-compliance. This would mean we would no longer accept any input provided by the third party on behalf of the carrier, nor would we send any communications (including the NPA notification) to the third party.

Please send questions or concerns relating to this matter to the Carrier, Postal and Courier Compliance Unit (CPCC) at:

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