Commercial importing reporting requirements

Notice for importers: Cannabis

Despite legalization in Canada, only Health Canada retains the authority to issue permits or grant exemptions to import or export cannabis, under very limited circumstances. For importers with the Health Canada granted authority, please refer to Customs Notice 18-19 on calculating cannabis duty and additional cannabis duty imposed on packaged cannabis products. For more information, consult cannabis (marijuana) legalization.

There are commercial reporting requirements for the movement and control of unreleased goods in Canada by carriers, freight forwarders and warehouse operators. Using information collected from Advance Commercial Information (ACI) and eManifest, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) detects risks and makes decisions before shipments arrive at the border and/or are released into Canada.

Carriers and freight forwarders must have a CBSA issued carrier code. Consult the Commercial Carrier and Freight Forwarder Identification and Eligibility for more information.

Carrier code holders must immediately advise the CBSA of any change to their legal entity, name, address and contact information.

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