Exit information requirements for air carriers

Important Note:

Air Exit will require air carriers to submit manifests starting in Summer 2020. However, air carriers are encouraged to communicate with the CBSA to begin onboarding activities as early as September 2019. This would include air carriers who have previously tested and certified for Air Exit Program.

Email: CBSA.Air_Carrier_Onboard-Embarquements_aeriens.ASFC@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

All commercial air carriers will be required to provide the CBSA with electronic passenger manifests of every passenger and crew member travelling out of Canada on their aircraft. This information must be provided:

The CBSA considers all aircraft operators engaged in the commercial transportation of persons or goods, regardless of size, to be a commercial air carrier. Examples of commercial air carriers include operators of:

Regulatory requirements: Exit Information Regulations

Data transmission

Commercial air carriers will be asked to provide electronic passenger manifests to the CBSA in an approved format using an authorized method of transmission. Options include:

Technical parameters for these methods are detailed in the "Carrier Messaging Requirements (CMR)" document, which is available upon request to commercial air carriers operating in Canada.

Commercial air carriers intending to begin service to or from Canada should contact the CBSA at least six months before service commences to arrange for the provision of electronic passenger manifests.

Commercial air carriers that fail to comply with the requirement to provide correct electronic passenger manifests for travellers leaving/who have left Canada may be subject to Administrative Monetary Penalties under the Customs Act.

Commercial Air Carrier Technical Support

The Advance Passenger Information/Passenger Name Record (API/PNR) Program Support (APPS) line provides support to commercial air carriers on the API/PNR Program, as well as the Air Exit Program, including data provision issues, occurrences/outages, testing and certification, on-going maintenance, as well as technical support. Upon request, account managers will provide the "Carrier Messaging Requirements (CMR)" document and a list of certified service providers to the commercial air carrier. Commercial air carriers can contact the APPS line by:

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