Honoured guests with a class of new inductees from the Seventh Cohort, Wave C of the Officer Induction Training Program.

CBSA - Blueprint 2020 Report - December 2016
Employees and border services officers receive top notch orientation at the CBSA

For new employees at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the first days and weeks on the job are critical. Orientation is an opportunity to ensure that our new employees feel productive and engaged. In the Enforcement and Intelligence directorate, the first few weeks on the job introduces employees to the fast-paced challenges that define the intelligence domain. An Employee Orientation Package was developed to integrate students to the role of junior intelligence analysts. Within two months, students were able to author significant intelligence products that were widely distributed internally, to the Agency, and externally to other government partners. Similarly, the Pacific Region's District Senior Management Team identified the need to provide our recruits with an effective orientation as they transition to active duty. Immediately following the orientation, recruits are placed on teams and they provide feedback to their superintendents based on their development.  As a result, new recruits feel invigorated, supported and able to reach promotional status by the end of the process. Several new recruits have received commendations on their employee files from the Regional Director General.

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