Canada Border Services Agency - Blueprint 2020 Report - December 2016

Blueprint 2020 is a Government of Canada-wide initiative that engages all federal public servants in developing ideas to transform the Public Service over the long term. It empowers everyone to take action and contribute to achieving the Blueprint vision and will guide public servants as they work to improve the lives of Canadians and secure a strong future for Canada. 

Each year, the Clerk of the Privy Council asks deputy heads to share the progress being made in their respective departments/agencies to renew and transform the public service. At the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), we continue to modernize and transform to deliver high-quality border services for Canadians and help realize the vision of Blueprint 2020.

Over the last year, the CBSA has improved how we manage the border and created a culture of engagement and innovation. We are transforming our organization to address increased volumes, rapidly evolving technology and a more complex operating environment.  Looking outward, we are improving the way we serve the public by developing real-time decision-making solutions at the front line and by using communications tools, such as the CanBorder App. Internally, we continue to involve and engage our employees through our People Strategy to strengthen and reinforce our commitment to put our people first to create a safe, healthy, respectful and diverse workpace and to recognize and celebrate their contributions to the Agency. 

Every day, the thousands of people who work for the CBSA live the Blueprint 2020 vision. They own the responsibility to make a difference and share their accomplishments with colleagues and their community. This report tells the story of how our efforts are making a difference for Canadians, travellers and for CBSA employees from coast to coast and we hope you will spread the word.

Operation Syrian Refugees - Canada Border Services Agency’s remarkable achievement

The CBSA took part in an enormous Government of Canada effort to screen, transport and resettle 25,000 refugees fleeing the war in Syria. Given that on an average day‎ our officers handle about 270,000 incoming travellers to Canada, the added effort to manage the rapid arrival of Syrian Refugees was a remarkable feat.

Growing the economy and keeping Canada safe

The decisions we make at the CBSA directly affect the competitiveness of Canadian business. Specifically, we protect industry from economic injury caused by unfairly traded imports, while facilitating the movement of legitimate trade into, through and out of Canada.

CBSA’s Strategy to Support Mental Health

The CBSA launched‎ a comprehensive Strategy to Support Mental Health, accompanied by a three-year implementation plan. Many of the key activities have already been implemented, including the launch of mandatory Suicide and Self-harm Prevention training for employees working with people in our care, mandatory Mental Health Awareness and Creating a Respectful Workplace online training for all CBSA employees, and the launch of the Not Myself Today anti-stigma awareness campaign. 

Tap in the border with the CanBorder app

The CBSA launched the CanBorder App, a border-related mobile app for travellers. As co-winners of the Public Service App Challenge in October 2015, our developers had the momentum and support to fully realize their vision.

Find your future on the front line

An inspiring series of promotional and recruitment videos was produced by the CBSA that communicate the excitement and responsibility that come with a career on the front line.  Our Border Services Officers are the first face of Canada for visitors and returning Canadians.  To see a day in their life is an eye-opening experience.

Remote Traveller Processing Pilot extends hours of operation

The CBSA implemented a remote traveller processing pilot project at the Morses Line, Quebec port of entry (POE). Travellers arriving at the POE after staffed hours of service are now processed by a Border Services Officer located at an off-site remote monitoring centre, in Hamilton, Ontario.

People Strategy: A roadmap for the future of our workforce

The People Strategy is the CBSA's roadmap for strengthening and reinforcing its commitment to its people. It helps focus our efforts and ensure we have the right people working in the right places, with the best tools and training.

Enabling innovation @CBSA

The INNOV-A-THON is a dedicated agency-wide engagement initiative designed to generate innovative ideas at the CBSA. Inspired by the hit TV show Dragons' Den ®, it was open to all of our CBSA employees or teams who had new ideas that could help employees, clients or partners.  

Building the best HR organization in public administration

Our Human Resources Branch at the CBSA embarked on an exciting and ambitious transformation to make service delivery and the way we work together more strategic, cohesive and nimble.

CBSA cuts through the clutter with social media infographics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here at the CBSA, we recently learned that a picture is also worth a lot of retweets and shares.

Follow our new regional accounts on Twitter

Our Prairie and Atlantic regions at the CBSA have recently launched official accounts on Twitter. These accounts will extend the CBSA's communications efforts to help better connect with Canadians and share regional perspectives. 

Recognition for demonstrating exceptional initiative and dedication to the public service

At the CBSA, we use a variety of ways to show colleagues and employees how much they are appreciated for a job well done, for an exceptional achievement, or for an influential career in the federal public service. These acknowledgments are celebrated at formal and informal events throughout the year at the Agency.

Be a leader at any level: let the CBSA Leaders’ Profile be your guide

The CBSA introduced a Leaders' Profile, which illustrates the behaviours that are expected from all leaders across the Agency. It provides information on how CBSA leaders should behave - from employees to those at the most senior levels. 

Real-time decision making at the front line

To provide an enhanced awareness of the CBSA's operations across the country, the CBSA Northern Ontario Region, and Science and Engineering Directorate initiated an information visualization pilot in 2015. This pilot will explore the value of seeing and interacting with our operational data as a means of quickly gaining insight into how we are managing our borders and resources.

Embracing innovation and change: transforming the procurement function

The CBSA's Strategic Procurement and Material Management Division has experienced a substantial transformation. Recognizing a shift in the procurement function across the Government of Canada, from transactional contracting toward strategic procurement, they have been making a great effort to get ready for the future.

Leadership and talent management in action

The CBSA's Pacific Region has been working with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on a pilot project to ensure leadership developmental opportunities are made available to aspiring, new and current leaders at our Agency. 

Subject matter experts share skills and training

Employees in the CBSA's Southern Ontario Region expressed a desire for enhanced sharing of specific skills and training. As a result, this year at each port of entry they created a "Subject Matter Expert" list that identifies our employees who have been trained as trainers in core subject matter areas.

Employees and border services officers receive top notch orientation at the CBSA

For new employees at the CBSA, the first days and weeks on the job are critical. Orientation is an opportunity to ensure that our new employees feel productive and engaged.

Improving labour-management relations in the Atlantic Region

An excellent example of an initiative to improve labour-management relations within the CBSA is our Atlantic Region's Labour-Management Partnership Initiative (LMPI) that was established in early 2014. Since the development of the LMPI, this joint committee has engaged with employees, Customs and Immigration Union representatives and managers who have championed the creation, development and roll out of the initiative within the region.

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