Administrative Monetary Penalty System


Person provided information to an officer that is not true, accurate and complete.

Goods reported as arrived for customs processing when they are not arrived, and/or containing information that is not true, accurate and complete.


Occurrence Penalty
1st $1,000
2nd $2,000
3rd and subsequent $4,000
Penalty basis
Per instance
Retention period
12 months


Non-compliance occurs when the sender of a Warehouse Arrival Certification Message (WACM) submits the WACM prior to the shipment physically arriving at the CBSA office/sufferance warehouse, or submits a WACM which contains information which is not true, accurate or complete.

"Per instance" pertains to each "cargo control number" that was transmitted to customs as "arrived" by the sufferance warehouse operator.

The penalty would apply to the warehouse operator who transmitted the arrival notice. Where a third party is used to transmit the arrival notice on behalf of a warehouse operator, the penalty would still apply to the warehouse operator.

In cases where there has been an administrative error in the documentation, see C005.

For situations where the goods are not available for examination, see C026.

If a carrier fails to report imported goods, refer to C021.

If a carrier fails to report the arrived conveyance, refer to C023.

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