Scope Proceedings - Process and Timeframes

Within 30 days (45 if extended), CBSA Receives Application, Rejection or Initiation?, Rejection: End of proceeding, Within 120 days (210 if extended), Initiation: Termination?, Yes: End of proceeding, No: Statement of Essential Facts, Scope Ruling

Explanation of Flowchart

The flowchart represents the scope proceeding timelines following the receipt of an application. The process generally takes about 150 days from the time the CBSA receives an application until the CBSA makes a scope ruling.

Once an application is received, the CBSA has 30 days (possible extension to 45 days) to determine if the application should be rejected or if a scope proceeding should be initiated.

If the application is rejected, the process ceases.

If the scope proceeding is initiated, the CBSA will, within 120 days after the date of initiation (or 210 days if the proceeding is extended), terminate the proceeding or make a scope ruling.

If the proceedings are not terminated, the CBSA will make a scope ruling as to whether the goods are subject to an order, finding or undertaking.

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