CSWP3 2018 IN
Carbon Steel Welded Pipe
Notice of Preliminary Determination

Ottawa, October 18, 2018

On October 18, 2018, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), pursuant to subsection 38(1) of the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), made a preliminary determination of dumping with respect of certain carbon steel welded pipe from Pakistan, the Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam. The investigation follows a complaint filed by Novamerican Steel Inc.

The goods in question are usually classified under the following tariff classification numbers:

Note that the tariff classification numbers are for convenience of reference only. Refer to the product definition for authoritative details regarding the subject goods.

Provisional duties will now be payable on the subject goods that are released from customs on or after October 18, 2018.

Additional information about the investigation will be available in a Statement of Reasons that will be available within 15 days on the CBSA’s website at: www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/sima-lmsi/menu-eng.

Officers' names and contact information:

  • Shawn Ryan: 902-407-8142
  • Laurie Trempe: 613-954-7337


Estimated Margins of Dumping and Provisional Duties by Exporter

Exporter Estimated Margin of Dumping
(as % of Export Price)
Total Provisional Duties Payable
International Industries 10.1% 10.1%
All Other Exporters 58.0% 58.0%
HLD Clark 3.8% 3.8%
All Other Exporters 30.1% 30.1%
Borusan 4.9% 4.9%
Erbosan 3.0% 3.0%
Iris 49.0% 49.0%
All Other Exporters 95.0% 95.0%
Hoa Phat 10.6% 10.6%
SeAH Vina 12.4% 12.4%
State Pipe 10.0% 10.0%
All Other Exporters 47.7% 47.7%
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