Turnaround extension for highway carriers

All highway carriers must comply with Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) commercial reporting requirements for the movement and control of unreleased goods in Canada. Carriers who fail to comply may experience processing delays and/or be issued a penalty under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS).

A CBSA turnaround policy exists for drivers in the highway mode, who arrive at a Canadian border point without Advance Commercial Information (ACI). The policy allows these drivers to turn around and return to the United States to properly report cargo information to meet ACI regulatory requirements and avoid penalties. The CBSA is extending the evaluation period for the turnaround policy until midnight .

Carriers remain liable in ensuring all ACI provided to the CBSA is true, accurate, and complete, which includes a detailed cargo description. Providing a clear and concise description allows the CBSA to complete risk-assessment in advance thereby facilitating the movement of low-risk shipments. The CBSA recommends that carriers work closely with their trade-chain partners (i.e., shippers), to ensure they are provided with a sufficient description for CBSA purposes.

Questions or concerns related to commercial ACI compliance activities can be directed to the Carrier, Postal and Courier Compliance Unit: compliance_monitoring.verification_de_conformite@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca.

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