Customs Notice 20-24
CBSA Reporting Patterns IT Limitations


Revised July 27, 2020

This notice provides information on how to transmit high volumes of cargo reports. It is for the attention of carriers, freight forwarders, importers, brokers and service providers.

1. A high number of cargos per conveyance or a high number of Advance Commercial Information (ACI) supplemental or electronic house bills per primary cargo are a concern because they generate:

2. In order to successfully transmit large amounts of data we recommend the following:

When the number of reports on a conveyance exceeds 1,500, multiple electronic conveyance reports must be submitted and in highway mode, multiple eManifest lead sheets must be presented at arrival. Adhering to the prescribed limits and processes will help ensure smooth processing. Details on limits can be found in the Electronic Commercial Client Requirements Documents (ECCRDs).

Further, if more than 1,500 ACI supplemental reports would otherwise be related to a single air or marine cargo, additional cargos reports must be submitted so that no more than 2,000 are related to a single cargo report.

Reporting Limitations
Reporting Scenarios Limitations
IID to Cargo relationship Number of CCNs reported on an IID cannot exceed 999
RMD to Cargo relationship Number of CCNs reported on an RMD cannot exceed 99
Highway Conveyance to Cargo relationship Number of CCNs reported on a Highway Conveyance cannot exceed 1,500
Rail Conveyance to Cargo relationship Number of CCNs reported on a Rail Conveyance cannot exceed 2,000
House Bill Closed to House Bill relationship Number of House Bills reported on a House Bill Close cannot exceed 999
Cargo to Supplementary Cargo relationship Number of Supplementary Cargos related to a Cargo document cannot exceed 1,500
IID Invoice Lines Number of invoice lines on an IID, PARS or RMD cannot exceed 999 overall regardless of the number or combination of multi-line invoices used in the transmission

* The CBSA uses House Bill Close Messages to link house bills to their previous CCN. Only one close message can be linked to a previous CCN. If there are multiple tiers in a consolidation the total number for all the tiers can only be 1,500.

3. If you become involved in new movements of high-volume shipments on single commercial conveyances, consider communicating in advance with the CBSA office of arrival and/or of release. Advance communication contributes to operational readiness on the part of the CBSA, allowing for a streamlined border process.

4. For email support on eManifest policy and processes, contact the eManifest Help Desk at

5. For additional information regarding eManifest requirements clients may visit the CBSA website.

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