Trade Incentive Programs

This video highlights the trade program for Canadian businesses that export goods.


CBSA Title Page: Trade Incentive Programs. Importer icon - tight - face smiling. Camera pulls back to see primary inspection lane. CBSA branding visible. Cut to importer in his truck. Camera moves to reveal importer in a van with sign reading Import-Export.

Narration: Good news! There's a trade program administered by the Canada Border Services Agency that puts money back in the hands of Canadian business people that export goods.

Medium of road billboard -full screen – Duty Deferal Program. Cut to close-up of text on screen: reveals left to right as if scanning. The words Duties and Taxes on Imported Goods, along with waived, postponed, refunded appear on the screen.

Narration: Under this program, the taxes and duties you usually pay on imported goods can be waived, postponed or refunded if the goods are exported.

Sales register. Sound effect: cha-ching.

Narration: For importers, that can mean lower costs and better cash flow.

Wide shot. Huge Number 1 drops right next to importer icon. Sound effect – thud. Importer steps out of way. The words "3 options Duty Deferral" appears on screen.

Narration: There are three options in Duty Deferral. Option one is Duties Relief.

Widget (round blob with eyes) moves  along with others on assembly line. Robot arms add wings and a tail to widget. It is plucked off line and placed in a box. The words" Even if they're processed or re-manufactured" appear on screen.

Narration: Taking this option means you generally don't have to pay duties and taxes on imported goods that you plan to export. Even if they're processed or re-manufactured.

Hot air ballon flies by a house and drops off the #2 on the roof. Truck backs into loading dock and fork lift drives into the warehouse. The words "Customs Bonded Warehouse" appear on screen.

Narration: Option two - you can delay paying duties and taxes on imported goods by storing them in a Customs Bonded Warehouse. There's no charge until the goods are delivered to the Canadian market or if the goods are exported, then no duties or taxes are ever paid.

A huge number #3 appears. A circular arm appears with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, $ appear inside the arm. The word "Drawback" appears.

Narration: Option three is Drawback. You can ask CBSA for a refund of duties if you've paid duty on goods imported within the past four years that were later exported.

Duty Deferal Program letters on rubber band grabbed by hands and stretched. The words 1 Duties Relief, 2 Customs Bonded Warehouse, 3 Drawback appear.

Narration: This program is flexible. You can use one option or all three of them combined.

Business building sprouts arms, which picks up building. Wheels appear under the building. It drives off screen. The words Duty Deferral Program appear. As building drives away, a map of  Canada appears.

Narration: Best of all, the Duty Deferral Program is portable. There are no geographic restrictions. You can pick a location to do business that's best for you.

Importer holds up a pamphlet. The words Border Information Service appear and the phone number appears 1- 800-461-9999.

Narration: There are forms to fill out of course. If you need help, call the Border Information Service at 1- 800-461-9999.

Reveal URL.

Narration: For detailed information, please go to our website.

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