People of the CBSA: Jessica Paré's story - Video transcript

People of the CBSA: Jessica Paré's story


Jessica Paré, Border Services Officer (Emerson, MB)

Images from Emerson POE.

My name is Jessica Paré. I am currently working in Emerson, Manitoba.

I chose to work at the Canada Border Services Agency because I wanted a job that would really challenge me, whether physically, intellectually or emotionally.

What I love most about my job is interacting with travellers. I love to hear about what they were doing abroad and it gives me ideas for my own travels in the future.

I love customer service, so it's really what appeals to me the most.

For my part, I really enjoyed my experience at the CBSA College in Rigaud. I met wonderful people. I was in the Francophone group and I made friends for life.

What I would tell to anyone who’s interested in joining the Agency, is to go for it. The process might seem long, but it’s really worth it. The job is awesome, and you’re part of a big family.

I’ve been in Emerson, Manitoba, for six months now. The first few months are definitely a very big adjustment to be away from family and friends. However, I have an extraordinary team. I love going to work every day. You learn so much in the first three months, it's incredible how much information you learn. It's really applied work, so you learn and you can put it into practice right away.

For my part, I find that mental health starts with the basics. So, a good diet, physical activity, and of course, with shift work, it's harder sometimes to fit it into your schedule. However, the Agency is really accommodating. We have several days off in a row, so it's possible to go work out and get good groceries. We have, as I said, we always have daily support.

I am the person who came up with the idea of joining the Agency. However, when I told my mom and my family and friends about it, everyone was super happy and everyone encouraged me right up to the end.

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