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Submitting import documents using the Electronic Longroom

The Electronic Longroom is an email and digital stamping service offered at some CBSA offices. Commercial clients can use this service instead of submitting certain paper requests in person.

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Overview and requirements

As a commercial client, the Electronic Longroom service offers you an alternative way to submit some documentation to the CBSA office. Instead of submitting paper packages in-person, you may submit certain information in a PDF file via email.

Existing legislation and policies continue to apply.

To ensure smooth processing of your requests:

  • include all required documents in the correct order
  • provide an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Exception Lead Sheet for release requests, as per Memorandum D17-1-4, Release of Commercial Goods
  • follow additional instructions and procedures specific to the port

Key requirements for email

  • Take note of separate email addresses used at each CBSA office to differentiate cargo from release requests
  • Format your subject line this way: "Request type - transaction number"
    • For example, "RMD – 132432000123459"; "A48 - 123451900123459"; "BSF673 - 01428442347324"
  • Transmit the paper request by attaching it as a PDF
    • Only PDF attachments are permitted
  • Use the transaction number to name your PDF
    • For example, 123451900123459.pdf
    • Note: The request type is not indicated in the file name, only in the email subject line

Eligible / non-eligible submissions

This section lists documents and requests that are eligible and non-eligible for the Electronic Longroom service.

Note: Please verify with the local office as not all documents are accepted at all locations.

Eligible submissions (may be sent by email)



Non-eligible submissions (may not be sent by email)

Submissions during systems outages

Paper packages prepared in accordance with the System Outage Contingency Plan may be eligible for submission using the Electronic Longroom service.

Digital CBSA stamps

CBSA offices will return stamped documentation to clients by email to acknowledge and/or approve the request.

As the secure digital versions of the stamps are different from the physical stamps, the digital stamps are shared here for awareness.

Release digital stamp


Open / Authorize a cargo control document digital stamp

Open / Authorize a cargo control document

Close / Cancel a cargo control document digital stamp

Close / Cancel a cargo control document

Acknowledge a correction to a cargo control document digital stamp

Acknowledge a correction to a cargo control document

Generic date digital stamp

Generic date stamp

Locations offering the service

The CBSA Directory indicates the offices that provide Electronic Longroom service. The directory will be updated weekly to indicate new offices that provide the service.

There are 2 services that form the Electronic Longroom initiative and each has a unique email address to support the triage of requests:

  • e-Longroom: Manifest (ELR/MANIFEST) refers to a commercial office that offers email service for certain paper cargo requests and corrections
  • e-Longroom: Release (ELR/RELEASE) refers to a commercial office that offers email service for certain paper release requests and corrections

Please consult the directory to locate participating offices and their email addresses.

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