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Rulings for tariff classification, valuation, origin, and marking: Overview

From: Canada Border Services Agency


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) issues two types of rulings to assist importers and exporters or producers outside of Canda, for the importation of commercial goods, as well as other members of the trade community.

With the ruling recipient’s consent, the CBSA publishes rulings online.

Advance rulings for tariff classification assign a 10-digit tariff classification number to imported commercial goods and include a rationale to explain why that number is the correct one to use. For origin, these rulings in combination with the tariff classification number, help you determine whether imported commercial goods qualify as originating goods and are entitled to the benefits of preferential tariff treatment under a free trade agreement.

Furthermore, if your application deals with a good on the import control list, a CBSA issued advance ruling will help determine the tariff classification and define whether your good is subject to import controls under the Canadian supply managed regime.

Rulings can make the documentation process easier when clearing goods at the border. They also provide a binding decision between the CBSA and the person to whom the decision is issued.

National customs rulings describe which existing customs laws should apply to goods imported into Canada and how to apply them. You can request a ruling on:

How long is the ruling good for

Rulings on the subject goods are valid from the date they are issued provided that all of the following conditions are met:

Who can use the ruling

Rulings can be used by the ruling recipient or by persons importing the specified goods from the ruling recipient (if they are an exporter or producer outside of Canada).

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