Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Systems
Release Notification System (RNS) Application Form

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Section I – Applicant Information

Section II – RNS Options

In the box below, indicate the option (s) for which you are applying, that is; Automatic Release Notification, Arrival Certification, Status Query or Automatic Status. 

For Automatic Release Notification, up to two profiles can be defined;

  1. Indicate if "all" or only "specific" carrier codes are required in combination with an account security code.  (Normally carriers provide their carrier code and account security holders indicate "all").
  2. Indicate if "all" or only "specific" account security numbers are required in combination with the carrier codes requested.  (Normally carriers indicate "all" and account security holders provide their account security code).
  3. Customs office codes required.  If not required for "all" offices, provide the "specific" office codes.
  4. Sub-Location codes; identify required Warehouse Ids.  The participant will only receive the sub- location code if it is supplied with the inbound EDI release transaction or paper release transaction.
(one or more)
Option Carrier  Code Account Security Number  Office Number Sub-Location Code 
  Automatic  RNS Profile # 1        
  Automatic  RNS Profile # 2 (optional)        
  Arrival Certification        
  Status Query        
  Automatic Status        

*If more space is required to list specific carrier codes, account security numbers and/or office codes; please provide an attached list and indicate the relevant option.

Section III – Communication Method Information

For more information on the approved communication methods, please consult the following link: www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/eservices/comm-eng.html

If your company will be using a service provider to exchange data with the CBSA, please complete this block

If your company will be exchanging data directly with the CBSA, please complete this block

Section IV - Configuration

Completed forms can be sent :

by mail:
Manager, Technical Commercial Client Unit
Program Business System Integration
Canada Border Services Agency
355 North River Road, 6th Floor, Tower B
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L8

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