CBSA - Blueprint 2020 Report - December 2017
Student Orientation and Recruitment

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is committed to supporting the Government of Canada in advancing Public Service renewal by developing innovative strategies to recruit Student Border Services Officers (SBSOs). In 2017, the Agency launched a number of initiatives to engage young Canadians looking for new challenges. As of summer 2017, roughly 950 students were employed by the Agency, including 40% in front-line environments and 60% in supporting roles. The students underwent a structured orientation and development program to enhance their summer work experience.

In the Southern Ontario Region (SOR), an orientation event for student employees was organized during National Public Service Week. The event was planned in support of the Human Resources Branch initiative on student employees, to encourage and support them in considering a career in the Public Service. CBSA President John Ossowski and Vice-President Jacqueline Rigg (Human Resources Branch) spoke with the students, as did five SOR employees from different career paths who began their successful careers as students.

Pacific Region video vignettes for social media

In the coming weeks, the Pacific Region will pilot a series of video vignettes for social media that will showcase the challenging work environments and exciting opportunities available for SBSOs within the CBSA. In 2017, the Pacific Region employed a total of 205 students (108 new hires and 97 returning students from previous years). This is an increase from the previous summer when 144 students worked in the Pacific Region. Of the 205 new and returning students working during the summer, 157 were SBSOs and 48 were hired as students in other capacities. The region also established a local mentoring system between experienced BSOs and SBSOs interested in the Fast Tracking program.

Additionally, the Agency was the largest employer of Indigenous students through the 2017 Indigenous Youth Summer Employment Opportunity (IYSEO).

By supporting and nurturing students early on, the Agency hopes to have them return every year and retain them as permanent employees.

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