CBSA - Blueprint 2020 Report - December 2017
New Digs in Northern Ontario and Prairie Regions

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) operates around the clock, every day and night of the year. It is critically important that our infrastructure keeps up with the needs of today and tomorrow. This past year, a couple of new CBSA facilities were established across the country.

St. Lawrence District staff outside the new Lansdowne port of entry in Northern Ontario Region

The Northern Ontario Region welcomed the arrival of a new, state-of-the-art facility at the Lansdowne port of entry (POE). This new POE will allow the CBSA to proudly serve both travellers and commercial importers for generations to come. The opening was a success on many levels as it demonstrated the importance and value of union-management consultation on this key Government of Canada infrastructure project. Additionally, employee health and safety was integral to the design of this facility and we’re confident that this approach will inform new and emerging infrastructure projects across the Agency.

In the Prairie Region, the state-of-the-art Calgary International Airport technology has transformed CBSA’s operating procedures since the launch of the new international terminal in October 2016. Border Services Officers (BSOs) are now doing document verification, triage, and point connection, and there are satellite Primary Inspection Line (PIL) officers on site. These are roles that have not previously existed in the region. The design of the airport has also streamlined and enhanced the traveller experience with the introduction of technology and a voluntary compliance office. Wait times for travellers who require simple processes have been virtually eliminated. The secure baggage handling inspection area allows officers to randomly select and examine baggage at the touch of a button. If a traveller’s bags need to be examined it can be done quickly and efficiently through this technology, which means less waiting and quicker connection time for the traveller. Throughout the transformation, BSOs, Superintendents and Chiefs have all come together to help make the traveller operation as efficient as possible.

Calgary International Airport, Prairie Region

Baggage carousel, Calgary International Airport, Prairie Region

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