A6A – Freight/Cargo Manifest

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Cargo Declaration

  1. Name of ship (agent)
  2. Port where report is made (presented) (agent)
  3. Nationality of ship (agent)
  4. Name of Master (agent)
  5. Port of loading/port of discharge (agent)
  6. Final destination (if in-transit cargo) (agent) 
  7. Date of sailing from port of loading 
  8. Shipper, consignee (agent)
  9. Bill of Lading No. (agent)
  10. Marks and numbers (agent)
  11. Number and kind of packages, description of goods, unit No. (agent)
  12. Gross weight (agent)
  13. Measurement (agent)
  14. CBSA acquittal No.
  15. Freight details, charges, etc. (agent)


The following provides an explanation of the various information to be shown on the form A6A, Freight/Cargo Manifest. Please note that on the form itself you will find in brackets the responsible party to populate each field  (e.g. agent, CBSA).

Field No. 1 - Name of ship - Record the registered name of the vessel.

Field No. 2 - Port where report is made (presented) - Canadian port where the vessel arrived at or departed from.

Field No. 3 - Nationality of ship - The nationality of the vessel is determined by the country in which it is registered. The information may be reported either as a nationality or as the name of the country of registration.

Examples: Canadian or Canada; Liberian or Liberia; Distinguish between East and West German vessels.

Field No. 4 - Name of Master - Self explanatory.

Field No. 5 - Port of loading/Port of discharge - Port at which cargo is loaded or discharged.

Field No. 6 - Final destination (if on-carriage) - Final destination of the goods.

Field No. 7 - Date of sailing from port of loading - The date should be recorded numerically by day, month and year.

Example: February 4, 1983 would be recorded as 04 02 83.

Field No. 8 - Shipper, Consignee - Report the name of the foreign shipper and the name of the person or firm to whom the goods are consigned to in Canada, for vessel arrivals. Report the name of the Canadian or foreign shipper and the name of the person or firm to whom the goods are consigned to in the foreign country, for vessel departures.

Field No. 9 - B/L Nos. - Number of ocean bill of lading.

Field No. 10 - Marks and Nos. - Marks and numbers on each package.

Field No. 11 - Number and kind of packages, Description of goods, Unit No. – Self explanatory - e.g., 10 cartons, 5 boxes etc. Description e.g., 10 cartons - widgets, etc.

Field No. 12 - Gross Weight - Gross shipping weight of cargo in each category by unit of measure, e.g., short tons, metric tons loaded/unloaded at that port.

Field No. 13 - Measurement - Cubic dimensions.

Field No. 14 - Customs Acquittal No. - Self explanatory.

Field No. 15 - Freight details, charges, etc. - Self explanatory.

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