Wood Packaging Material Import Requirements

What are the wood packaging material import requirements?

Wood packaging material (WPM) import requirements are strict guidelines put in place to protect Canadian ecosystems from non-native pests found in WPM. Invasive pests can result in economic losses — stemming from eradication and control costs in the millions of dollars, loss of export markets, and loss of Canadian industry and tourism jobs and dollars — as well as irreversible damage or loss of forests and forest ecosystems.

When the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) intercepts non-compliant WPM, it takes immediate action to limit the risk.

Roles and responsibilities

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for the policy aspects of the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15. The CBSA works closely with the CFIA to prevent the introduction of invasive pests to Canada.

The CBSA concentrates its efforts on inspecting and enforcing WPM compliance at Canada’s major commercial marine ports of entry.

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What must comply with the import requirements?

In Canada, all non-manufactured WPM used in international trade must be compliant with ISPM 15. It is prohibited to import or move untreated, non-manufactured WPM into or through Canada, unless it originates from the continental U.S.

What happens to non-compliant shipments?

Both the shipment and the WPM will be removed from Canada. If compliant WPM is mixed with non-compliant WPM, the entire shipment will be deemed non-compliant and will be refused entry into Canada. Importers will not be allowed to remove the non-compliant WPM and repack the goods within Canada.

If there is evidence of living pests, the WPM will be treated prior to being ordered removed to limit the risk of pest escape. Even if it has been treated, the shipment must be removed from Canada. The importer, or whoever is in charge of the shipment, is responsible for all costs associated with the removal (including treatment, if required) of non-compliant WPM.

Need more information? 

For more information relating to WPM, visit the CFIA’s Wood Packaging – Questions and Answers webpage.

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