K32 - Drawback Claim

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I ___ acting for ___ of ___ hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief this claim is true, correct, complete and substantiated by claimant's records.

For CBSA use only


CBSA use only

Privacy Statement

The information you provide in this document is collected under the authority of Sections 89 to 115 of the Customs Tariff, Section 23 of the Financial Administration Act, Section 70 of the Excise Tax Act and Section 173 of the Excise Act, 2001, for the purpose of determining the eligibility for Drawback duties and taxes paid. The information may be disclosed to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) - Programs Branch for the purposes of program evaluation, security and reporting purposes. Client information may also be disclosed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the purposes of locating an individual in order to collect a debt owing to Her Majesty in Right of Canada. The information may also be disclosed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and/or to investigative bodies specified in the Privacy Regulations - upon the written request - for the purposes of law enforcement/investigation.

Under the law, failure to provide the information requested on this form may result in the rejection of the application. Individuals have the right of access to and the protection and correction of their personal information under the Privacy Act - Section 12.

Instructions for completing Drawback Claim K32

1. Claimant - Enter the claimant's name, full address, postal code and telephone number.

1a. Claimant No. / Business No. - Enter the claimant's Importer Number or Business Number.

2. Mail cheque to - Enter the name, full address and postal code of the broker where the claim is filed by a broker, or "SAME" if the claimant is filing on his own behalf.

3. Custom's date stamp - Leave blank.

4. Claim authority - Give the references for the relevant legislation and D Memorandum.

5. Claim No. - Leave blank.

6. Export Sales invoice - Enter number and date of export sales invoice.

7. NAFTA - Place a on this line if the goods were exported to a NAFTA country (US or Mexico).

8. Description of exported goods subject to claim - Describe the goods subject to drawback.

9. Imported goods - Describe the imported goods.

10. Import Transaction No. - Enter the number of the customs office transaction number appearing on the import entry Form B3. (3 digits) and the transaction number (14 digits).
* Indicate K32A , in reference to the form, where applicable.

11. Date of release - Indicate the date the goods were released from customs.

12. Quantity - Indicate the quantity of imported products claimed for drawback.

13. Unit price- Indicate unit price of imported goods.

14. Rate of exchange - Enter the exchange rate applicable to the goods subject to drawback.

15. Value for duty- Calculate the value of the goods claimed in Canadian dollars. (Col. 12 x Col. 13 x Col. 14)

16. Rate of duty - Enter the duty rate applicable to the goods imported.

17. Customs duties - Enter total customs duties claimed. (Col. 15 x Col. 16)

18. Tariff treatment - Applicable only when claiming NAFTA exports. Enter the tariff treatment applicable to the goods imported.

19. Tax (Excl. GST/HST) - Enter total tax claimed, where applicable.

20. Other duties - Enter total special duties claimed on this form, where applicable.

21. CBSA use - Leave blank.

22. Customs duties - Enter total duties claimed on this form.

23. Tax - Enter total tax claimed on this form, where applicable.

24. Other duties- Enter total special duties claimed on this form, where applicable.

25. to 32. Leave blank.

It is important to ensure that the claimant's certification is duly completed by the claimant or his authorized agent and signed.

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