E613 – Agreement to Electronically Process Casual Refund Claims

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Part 1 – Scope of the agreement

This document represents an agreement between the Canada Border Services Agency and the said broker authorizing the applicant to submit an electronic casual refund claim in accordance with the conditions outlined in this agreement.

Part 2 – Conditions


means the Canada Border Services Agency.
means the authorized Canadian customs broker.
means non-commercial refund applications under Section 76 of the Customs Act.

1. The applicant is required to have power of attorney to account for the duty and taxes to the CBSA and to file B2G refund claims on behalf of importers of casual mail order goods. Power of attorney is also required should brokers wish to have the refund cheques redirected to their address. In this situation, brokers should also ensure that the power of attorney from the customer authorizes them to endorse the refund cheque issued in the customer's name. A copy of these powers of attorney should be attached to this application.

2. An electronic casual refund claim, in the specified format, shall be transmitted to a designated casual refund centre.

3. The original import and export documents related to each claim electronically presented shall be retained by the applicant.

4. The CBSA may select any refund from the electronic refund claim and request from the applicant the original import and export documents for verification purposes, and present such documentation within an acceptable period of time after the date of the request.

5. An audit may be performed by the CBSA and related costs may be payable by the applicant.

6. The applicant agrees to comply with the requirements as detailed in the Electronic Casual Refund Participants Requirements document.

7. If the power of attorney is terminated between the broker and the client, the CBSA must be advised immediately.

8. The CBSA reserves the right to terminate this agreement if the conditions of the agreement are not met.

Part 3 – Questionnaire

Part 4 – Decla1ration

I, (Name) agree to comply with the conditions of this agreement. It is understood that in the event these conditions are not met, this agreement will be cancelled.

Part 5 – CBSA Authorization

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