BSF757: PARE Record for Test Centre

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Participant Information

Given Name(s)

Participant Status


Forms Received

Reason for taking PARE

Height (ft, in, cm)
Weight (lbs, kg)
Blood Pressure (Repeat if > 160 / 90)
Heart Rate (Repeat if > 99)

Applicant PARE Result

Lap Time

Weight Carry

Test Times

Obstacle Course (min:sec)
Push - Pull (min:sec)
Test Time (min:sec)
Penalties - Mat ( x 5 sec)
Penalties - Sticks ( x 2 sec)
Total Test Time: (min:sec)

Summary of Result

The PARE standard for CBSA applicants requires the completion of the obstacle course and the push/pull section (with 70 lbs) in 4:45 min. or less. It also requires the completion of the weight carry section (with 80 lbs). The PARE is deemed incomplete if any of the three sections is not completed.


Blood Pressure (Repeat if > 160 / 90)
Heart Rate (Repeat if > 109)
PARE ended at (hr, min)
Participant released at (hr, min)


Provide more information for postponed or incomplete tests or injury during test and how candidate could improve if candidate was not successful.

PARE Session

PARE Test Centres

Name, address, contact information
Centre stamp

PARE Administrator

Given Name(s)

Signature of PARE Administrator
Test Date (yyyy-mm-dd)

Please Note:

  1. Information for the exclusive use of the PARE Test Centre
  2. This form is provided as a guideline for the administration of PARE. This form should not be submitted to the Canada Border Services Agency
  3. The personal information collected during the PARE test should not be disclosed to any third party
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