BSF552 – Crew's Effects Declaration

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Articles removed from the vessel must be reported to the proper border services officer. Serious penalties are provided for violation of the Customs Act. Please read the notice on the reverse side of this form.

Notice to masters and crews of vessels  

All articles and goods subject to CBSA control in your possession or custody must be reported.

These include goods held or intended for someone else and goods not to be landed in Canada.

For alcoholic beverages, crew members can include as part of their personal exemption duty and tax-free, as long as they meet the minimum age as prescribed by the provincial or territorial authority where they arrive, up to one of the following:

For tobacco products, crew members who are 18 years of age or older can include, as part of their personal exemption free of duty, up to: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 200 grams (7 ounces) of manufactured tobacco, and 200 tobacco sticks.

Should a person wish to bring additional tobacco in excess of their personal exemption, there is a limit on the quantity of tobacco products that can be brought in (or owned) for personal use, if the products arenot marked "CANADA DUTY PAID • DROIT ACQUITTÉ" (as per the Excise Act, 2001). In this case, an individual can only bring in five units of tobacco products. One unit of tobacco products consists of one of the following: 200 cigarettes; 50 cigars; 200 grams (7 ounces) of manufactured tobacco; 200 tobacco sticks.

In cases of residents of Canada, if they include cigarettes, tobacco or manufactured tobacco in their personal allowance, a partial exemption may apply. Residents of Canada are required to pay a special duty rate on these products unless they are marked "CANADA DUTY PAID • DROIT ACQUITTÉ".

Any quantities exceeding the allowance shall be secured.

Prohibited goods include controlled and restricted drugs, hand guns, offensive weapons, and books, paintings, prints, photographs or representations of any kind of a treasonable or seditious, or of an immoral or indecent character.

Commercial or casual importations and exportations of cannabis and cannabis products not accompanied by valid authorization issued by Health Canada (i.e. permit or exemption letter) is prohibited.

All individual crew members with currency or monetary instruments exceeding a value of CAN$10,000 must report to the CBSA and complete the required documentation.

All goods found in the ship and not reported will be liable to seizure, penalty and/or forfeiture, and the owner or person in possession of such goods to prosecution.

If in doubt about any article, declare it.

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