CBSA Travel Tips - Summer 2017

Whether you're returning home or visiting, an informed and prepared traveller crosses the border with fewer delays.

We understand that while travellers may feel anxious when crossing the border, the majority want to comply with Canada's laws and regulations.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is committed to providing the best possible service, which includes helping you know what to expect when you arrive at the Canadian border.


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On-screen text: What kind of ID documents do I need?

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Officer: Canadians must provide a valid passport, a birth certificate, a Canadian citizenship card, an Indian status card, or a permanent residency card. All international travellers are recommended to travel with a valid passport and a visa if applicable.

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Officer: Know your exemptions. There are restrictions on alcohol, tobacco, and some food products. If in doubt, declare and ask a border services officer. For more information, visit the I Declare section on the CBSA website.

On-screen text: Do I need to declare firearms and weapons?
Officer: You must declare all firearms and weapons. Failure to do so could lead to penalties including seizures and prosecution. For more information, visit the CBSA website.

On-screen text: Can I enter Canada with marijuana or cannabis?

Officer: Marijuana and cannabis is still not legal in Canada. Even when it does become legalized, bringing it across the border will still be illegal. Bringing cannabis and cannabis by-products is a serious offence.

On-screen text: I'm travelling with children. What do I need to know?

Officer: CBSA officers watch for missing children and may ask you additional questions about the minor travelling with you. It is strongly recommended that you have the following documents available: One, a consent letter stating that the child has authorization to travel with you abroad, and two, identification documents such as passport, birth certificate, or citizenship card.

On-screen text: Do your part!

Officer: Border services officers work hard to process travellers efficiently. You can do your part by being ready. Have all identification and receipts ready. Know all the contents in your possession, including the luggage and/or vehicle. Make a full declaration. Not sure what to declare? Ask an officer. They are there to help.

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