Training for a career on the front line

The CBSA is recruiting border services officers (BSOs). Our BSOs undergo an extensive training and development program to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and on-the-job training they need to be prepared for the front line.

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Narrator: We're trained to read between the lines…

Three BSOs talk and walk away from the camera as they arrive to start their shift in the morning

Three recruits running along a forested path at the CBSA College

Recruit in the gym engaged in battle ropes as part of physical training with instructor looking on

A recruit and an instructor practice defensive techniques in a training exercise

Narrator: ……to keep our borders safe…

Recruits observe an instructor demonstrating defensive techniques

Close up of the hands of recruit being handcuffed during a demonstration

Narrator: …and to enforce law…

Close up of BSO guiding an individual in handcuffs

BSO guides a handcuffed individual to a holding cell while another BSO opens the cell door

Narrator: …to ensure the free flow of people,

Time lapse view of travellers going through the Customs Hall of an international airport

Narrator: …and goods…

Time lapse view of shipping containers being loaded from trucks onto a ship docked at a port

Narrator: …with professionalism, integrity, and respect.

Instructor teaching recruit how to conduct a luggage search

BSO at an airport conducting a search of a traveller’s luggage

BSO searching a shipping container with a flashlight

BSO smiling and welcoming a traveller

Narrator: This is how we are prepared…

Recruits running up a path to a building at the CBSA College

Instructor demonstrating how to conduct a baggage search with a detector dog

BSO searches luggage with a detector dog at a port of entry

Narrator: …for life on the front line.

Aerial time lapse of vehicles travelling through a border crossing at dusk

Three BSOs talking and walking across primary inspection lines as the sun is setting off camera

Narrator:  Are you ready…for life on the front line?

Three BSOs talking and walking across primary inspection lines towards a building as the sun is sets off camera

The following text appears on the screen:
Canada Border Services Agency

The following text appears on the screen:
© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada.
represented by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, 2016

The following appears on the screen:
Agency signature
CBSA Heraldic Badge
Canada Wordmark

Canada Wordmark appears.

Music fades

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