People of the CBSA: Sophie Hoang's story - Video transcript

People of the CBSA: Sophie Hoang's story


Working at Rigaud, it’s fantastic because it's the place where we get to meet people from all over Canada, who have experience working at all the ports of entry across the country, and I think it's great having this exposure.

I was introduced by a friend who worked as a student officer. She told me about the officer hiring program, and it made me want to apply. So I started as a student border services officer. I loved the experience, so eventually I applied, I went through the process, and then I became a Canada Border Services Officer.

I am the Supervisor, Training and Learning Delivery at the CBSA College at the main campus in Rigaud.

I'm in charge of all aspects of the Officer Induction Training Program schedule, so I have to make sure that everyone takes the lessons in the right order, and that all the resources are available, that is the instructors and the right facilities.

Anyone wishing to participate in the Officer Induction Training Program must be adequately prepared. There are two components: it's important to prepare physically, because it's a training that is physically intense, but the emotional side of it is also important. It's 18 weeks away from your family, away from your loved ones, where people have to learn a whole new job.

My advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career as a border services officer is this: make sure you know what you're getting into. Becoming a border services officer is a lifestyle choice, it means that you want to serve the Canadian public, but it also means that you have to be prepared to work flexible hours, you have to be prepared to work on holidays, so it's important to make that lifestyle choice and also involve your family and the people around you in it.

What I love about my job, and then in my work environment, is helping people become who they want to be.

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