People of the CBSA: Tina Buffalo Larocque's story - Video transcript

People of the CBSA: Tina Buffalo Larocque's story


Photo of Tina Buffalo Larocque, border services officer.

My name is Tina Buffalo Larocque, I am First Nations.

Photo of the Samson Cree Nation banner.

I am from the Samson Cree Nation located in Maskwacis, Alberta.

Video of a sign that says “Maskwacis”.

Video of Tina walking in front of a buffalo display at the Edmonton International Airport.

Tina walking in front of an Edmonton Oilers baggage carousel at the airport.

Video of Tina searching a suitcase.

Video of Tina looking at a baggage x-ray.

I am a Border Services Officer at the Edmonton International Airport Traffic Division, Customs and Immigration.

Videos of the reserve.

I am a very proud to represent the Samson Cree Nation and Maskwacis.

Childhood photo of Tina.

It’s my homeland, it’s where my heart truly is. I feel so fortunate to have lived my life back home on the reserve.

Photo of Tina and her grandparents.

Family photo.

My family has always been so incredibly supportive.

Photo of the exterior of Ermineskin Indian Residential School, Maskwacis, Alberta, 1938.

Photo of a grade 1 classroom within the school.

I am an intergenerational survivor of the residential school era. I have been affected by that history more noticeably in the sense that I don’t speak my own language, yet.

Video of Tina beside a CBSA patrol vehicle.

It is something I am working on and I will change that.

Video of Tina welcoming a traveller.

Video of a powwow.

I have completed a 13 week workshop called Awina Niya which translates to “Who I am” in Cree.

Photo of Chief Victor Buffalo, Tina’s uncle, mentor, and former Chief of the Samson Cree Nation.

It gave me the opportunity to learn from our own knowledge keepers and Elders in Maskwacis.

Photo of Tina between two recruitment posters.

Photo of Tina participating in a Future Women in Law Enforcement workshop.

Photo of a Indigenous recruitment banner.

In the CBSA I’ve been active with the Indigenous Candidate Mentorship Program. I currently have two candidates in the hiring process that I keep in touch with.

Photo of Tina at a Primary Inspection Line.

I do want to share that Indigenous applicants do not have to wait for an advertised recruitment poster in order to apply to the CBSA.

Photo of Tina in front of a Canada mural at Edmonton International Airport.

Video of a feather and herbs of a smudge ceremony.

Photo of a border marker of Chief Mountain.

Photo of Chief Mountain.

The most interesting thing that I have been able to do in my career, was to organize and host a Smudge Ceremony at Chief Mountain on June 1, 2019.

Tina in front of the “Living Wall” at the Edmonton International Airport.

It was an honour to have hosted that event, and have full support of my management team in the Southern Alberta District.

Photo of Tina wearing a ceremonial uniform.

It was a perfect day, the sun was shining, the weather was just amazing and when I think about it I just can’t help but smile.

Canada wordmark appears.

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