People of the CBSA: Chris Miller's story - Video transcript

People of the CBSA: Chris Miller's story


Chris Miller, Border Services Officer on-screen.

Hi. My name’s Chris Miller. I’m a Border Services Officer currently stationed in the remote border crossing in Pleasant Camp, British Columbia, and I’ve been an officer for 12 years.

Drone video of Pleasant Camp.

Drone photo of Chris and his wife with the mountains in the background.

Photo of a small prop plane.

Pleasant Camp is located in the extreme Northwest corner of British Columbia. It’s only accessible through the Yukon Territory.

Video of a BSO interacting with a traveller.

We currently see approximately 30,000 travellers a year.

Video of Chris.

There’s a lot of opportunities in the north, and in an isolated post.

A pan photo of the landscape with mountains in the background.

We have lots of backcountry access.

Photo of the Pleasant Camp and the BSO housing.

Photo of Chris on his motorcycle in front of his house.

Drone video of Chris and his friend on snowmobiles.

I can get off work. I can walk home in less than 2 minutes, and I can be out on my motorcycle or snowmobile for the rest of the afternoon.

Photo of a winding road with mountains in the background.

Photo of Chris’ truck’s side view mirror with his dog in the reflection.

Photo of Chris, his wife, and his dog in a canoe.

Photo of Chris’ wife on a rock with beautiful scenery in the background.

Family photo including Chris, his wife, his young son, and his dog.

I find all that time I used to spend commuting to and from work every day can be used as recreation time and time spent with my friends and my family.

Video of Chris.

Photo of a fox in the grass.

Photo of a bear in the woods.

Photo of a bear walking through their primary line.

Photo of a family of bears with the US border inspection station sign in the background.

On occasion sometimes we’ll have wildlife, such as bears, walk right through our primary line either coming into Canada or going down into Alaska.

Video of Chris with a little laugh.

It’s one of those times that we don’t generally ask for a passport.

Video of Chris’ son watching bears through a window.

Photo of a lake and mountains with reflections in the water.

Photo of the Northern Lights.

Photo of Chris and his dog on top of a mountain, looking out over the other mountains.

Being that I have a small child at home, I think it’s a unique opportunity for them to start their life out in an environment where there’s not the big distractions from a big city.   

Video of Chris.

Video of two BSOs inspecting a shipping container.

Video of two BSOs walking through a line of travellers.

A female BSO drawing her gun to practice shooting at a firing range.

I’ve worked in all types of environments throughout the agency. I’ve worked in commercial settings, customs, immigration, training, and…

Video of Chris smiling.

I think I have the best job in the country.

Canada wordmark appears.

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