People of the CBSA: Edna Chelot's story - Video transcript



Edna Chelot on-screen

My name is Edna Chelot. I’ve been working at the Canada Border Services Agency since 2003. I am a senior audit officer on the values team. We verify that importers and traders correctly declare their value for duty in order to maintain a strong economy here in Canada.

A typical case means, I take a company; we'll analyze the company to see whether or not it is in compliance with the Customs Act. We will ask the importer to provide us with all the information on their books and records. We will check the difference between what was declared at the time of importation and what wasn't declared.

If a company is compliant, everyone is happy, it is compliant. So we finish the audit, we do our closing interview and then we send them a compliance letter. In cases of non-compliance, we will send a letter telling the company to comply, so it has to make the necessary adjustments and pay the Crown what it owes in duties and taxes because that's what we assess, the duties and taxes.

The most interesting aspect of my job: the autonomy, the challenge, surpassing myself, the lifelong learning, the fact that we also support Canada's prosperity. That's really what makes me get up every morning and proud to come to work. There is also our work environment because we are a good team, we are a family, we have fun, we laugh. We're serious too. We're serious most of the time, but we know how to have fun.

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